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Sunday, 23 April 2017


Tidak disangkalkan AISKRIM MALAYSIA masih menjadi kegemaran ramai, bukan sahaja buat mereka yang muda tetapi dengan makbapa budak sekali juga mengemarinya. Aiskrim Malaysia atau Aiskrim Batang bukan susah hendak dibuatnya. Dan kosnya juga tidaklah mahal sangat juga. Dalam bawah RM10 - RM20 sudah boleh dibuatkan AisKrim Malaysia ini. 

Friday, 21 April 2017

SANOOOK, #thaiwithatwist IN YOU


Wednesday, 19 April 2017


AirAsia Berhad ​is acquiring a 50% stake in online travel planner Touristly Travel Sdn Bhd (Touristly) through an asset injection and loan deal valued at RM11.5 million.

The transaction ​will see AirAsia Berhad inject the digital platform of its Travel 3Sixty inflight magazine, valued at RM6.5 million, into Touristly via AirAsia Investments Ltd and extend a RM5 million convertible loan to Touristly for working capital and development.

The digital platform comprises the online brand for the Travel 3Sixty inflight magazine, touchpoints on airasia.com and online advertising assets, which will allow the startup to reach AirAsia's 60 million guests annually.

Touristly, which will operate under the Travel 3Sixty brand following this deal, will also gain access to offline advertising assets, including the physical version of the inflight magazine, overhead cabins and seat trays on AirAsia aircraft.

​In addition, AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes will serve as Chairman of the Board for Touristly upon completion of the acquisition.

The deal will strengthen AirAsia's ancillary portfolio by offering its guests on-ground activities such as restaurants, theme parks, attractions, spas and tours at more than 70 destinations that the airline operates to.

​​Touristly CEO Aaron Sarma said, "​Working with AirAsia has been on our minds since our inception. The insight we can gain from AirAsia's 15 years in the travel industry will help us better understand the Asia Pacific market and quickly adapt to deliver real value to our customers. Our dream was to help travellers to Asia Pacific find amazing things to do in the region and we're truly excited about this opportunity to be able to share our platform with more people."

​AirAsia Group CEO Tony ​Fernandes said, "We see enormous potential in Touristly, which perfectly complements AirAsia's existing travel offering. Our guests will be able to choose from thousands of activities when purchasing a flight and this brings us a step closer to becoming a truly one-stop digital airline."

In May 2016, Touristly successfully raised an undisclosed pre-Series A round from Tune Group startup incubator Tune Labs, headed by Fernandes, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun and Lim Kian Onn.

Touristly was also one of two startups selected at Pitch@Palace Malaysia in June 2016 to represent the country at Pitch@Palace Global, which was held at St James Palace in London, UK in December 2016. 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Meizu, one of world's best selling smartphone makers, makes it debut to Malaysian market with its M3s and M3 Note. Now Meizu will add Pro 6 Plus and M5 Note to existing product line up for the Malaysian consumer, and will be distributed exclusively by Dynamics Distribution Sdn Bhd.

Founded in 2003, Meizu has become one of the most influential smartphone makers in the world. The brand received US$650 million investment from Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, recently, as part of a long-term strategic partnership, Alibaba also provides resources and supports Meizu in areas like e-business, Internet, Mobile Internet services, Smartphone systems, Data Analysis, and Payments. 

Meizu phones are characterized by their light, comfortable design, premium sound quality, high-definition camera, and simple, elegant user interface, combining performance, ease of use and functionality with the durability needed to survive the human experience. 

With the enthusiasm for Meizu products, Meizu fans are driven to make the brand an iconic symbol of culture. In 2009, Meizu positioned users as the core value of the brand, leading to the establishment of MY+ (the online and offline community of Meizu fans). Currently, MY+ has around 2 million members in over 50 cities in more than 40 countries. 

Malaysia is a new market for Meizu, adding more country to its network of international presence in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia and Oceania.

The Director for Asia Pacific Region, Meizu Technology, Mr Gary Xu said that the brand is enthusiastic about the Malaysian market. "The trend shows that Asia is the region that is leading the world in smartphone adoption and usage. To venture into South East Asian market, we select Malaysia," says Mr. Xu. 

"From simply meeting to discovering user needs, Meizu is dedicated to improving user experience, not only fulfills the users' needs from fucnctional point of view, Meizu presents art and beauty in its every product for our customers, this giant leap forward in refining the using experience of traditional smart phones, which we believe made our brand easy to enter and be introduced to Malaysia market." says Mr.Xu. 

Mr. Steven Tan, Managing Director of Dynamics Distribution Sdn Bhd praised highly Meizu smartphones, "We are proud to be selected as the exclusive distributor for Meizu in Malaysia. Our team is really confident with the unique features of Meizu such as Flyme and mBack, which we believe would bring a whole new feel to the Malaysia consumer. 
Flyme is a customized mobile phone operatin system developed by Meizu based on Android OS. As a core competency of Meizu phones, Flyme is "the soul of Meizu products", its distinct, fascinating system design provides a fun browsing experience with delicate and agile animation. With key features such as completely redesigned apps, one-handed usability and performance optimizations, Flyme is aiming to create a smart mobile phone with light and smooth user experience. mBack function is a great innovation in the Flyme system, which allows easier navigation using only one physical button without on-screen navigation operation, and fingerprint identification operation, give you a system with powerful functions, but simple operation allows unprecedented simplicity to busy lives. 

The latest version Flyme 6 features an outstanding and unique content-driven design that utilizes 8 elegant colors, perfectly combines the content and design to provide a stunning, content-based visual experience, bursting with excitement and visual delights. Users are able to fully immerse into the content without being bothered by irrelevant factors. 

Meanwhile, the One Mind artificial intelligence engine is able to adjust system performance according to user preference It can identify users' favorite apps and designate extra resources to those apps to make run more smoothly. More than 400 new features are added in Flyme 6, including a revamped picture capturing process and a reworked lost phone finding assistant.  
Retail Price: RM 1,999
Touted as "Stronger Than ever", the Pro 6 Plus' rocks a metal unibody with an exquisite micro-arc design and a redesigned body curve that underwent 30 steps and 150 hours of precise craftsmanship. Turn your head too quick, and you'll miss its unique and fine details such as the CD line camera, its ring flash and the minimalistic antenna design. 

Under the metal unibody is the lightning fast Exynos 8 processor with a frequency of 2.0GHz, is combined with efficient SCI Samsung architecture and a powerful GPU to create a perfectly integrated, state-of-the-art flagship chip that can take on any large-scale or demanding applications you'll throw at it. 

In addition to the large 5.7-inch screen, the PRO 6 Plus has a Quad HD 2K resolution to match it. The screen module is only 1.65mm thin, but still thick enough to show its brilliance. Adding Samsung's Super AMOLED display, the screen allows for any viewing angle and diplays colours clear and vivid. 

Packing a 12 megapizels back-facing camera, it takes stunning pictures and brilliant night time photos with 4-axis optical image stabilization, larger f/2.0 aperture, 10-LED circular flash and 6P lens. The latest generation high-performance ISP image processor also significantly improves colour reproduction, sharpness and noise reduction in photos and videos. 

Other noticeable innovations from Meizu also include a 3D press innovation, which can show an app preview by pressing the app icon. Its fingerprint accessibility that has been optimized for super speed fingerprint recognition. It also ditched the old micro USB and incorporates the latest USB standards; Type-C and USB 3.1 that supports transmission bandwidth of 5Gbps and Meizu's fast charging technology. mCharge is another latest innovation from Meizu, its fast-charging batteries with a total capacity of 3400mAh, a 30 mins charge can fill 60% battery easily, fast and secure.

Retail Price: RM849
Standing by its tagline 'More Performance, More Beauty', the MEIZU M5 Note features an all-in-one metal body that comes in Champagne Gold, Gray and Silver. The new antenna lines on the M5 Note make the device look more attractive and stylish than any other M-series device. After 12 steps of double-layer sandblasting, the M5 Note feels great in the hand. The M5 Note's audio excels as the sound is amplified through unique rectangular outlets that were designed with CNC precision to produce a sound that's more even and natural. 

Equipped with a 5.5-inch Full HD display, it offers a more colourful, vivid and delicate viewing experience, while reducing eyestrain through its eye-protection mode. With its curved edges through the use of 2.5D glass, the M5 Note is a true pleasure to use. 

The note also includes the latest-generation 65-bit octa-core processor that delivers peak frequencies of up to 1.8GHz. Featuring 3GB of RAM, and storage of 32GB, there's more than enough choice for every kind of user. 

Through only 8.1mm thin, the M5 Note offers a big 4000mAh battery, equipped with the best battery technology available to achieve performance that is unique in its price class. 

The M5 Note is carrying with a new generation of fast charging technology, Backed by 18W of power, it takes just 90 minutes to charge the MEIZU M5 Note, which is 40% faster than the charging times of previous models. The M5 Note also offers a fingerprint sensor, which you can use to unlock your device, as well as completing mobile payments. 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


(From left) AirAsia X Berhad CEO Benyamin Ismail with Inmarsat Aviation President Leo Mondale
AirAsia, through its subsidiary ROKKI Sdn Bhd, has signed a Memorandum of Understand (MoU) with Inmarsat for its next-generation GX Aviation inflight connectivity solution.


Burst into peals of laughter with Viu this April as we celebrate International Moment of Laughter Day on April 14! We have all heard the phrase “laughter is the best medicine” and Viu is bringing you the wackiest and funniest TV shows that will have you rolling on the floor and laughing – literally!
Source: MBC
Infinite Challenge
Hailedas the King of Korean reality shows, Infinite Challenge is known as South Korean’s first variety show that achieved top ratings. Infinite Challenge runs on the concept of “3-D” challenges- dirty, dangerous, and difficult. The show features popular hosts Yoo Jae Seok and HaHa who co-star in Running Man with comedians Park Myung Soo, Jung Joon Ha and Kwang Hee.

Infinite Challenge airs every Saturday on Viu. Don’t miss it!
Source: KBS
2 Days 1 Night
The show highlights places for viewers to visit in Korea where participants can go on trips to adventurous and beautiful locations. A show filled with exciting games and quizzes – providing non-stop entertainment for viewers thanks to the cast of 2 Days 1 Night -Kim Joon Ho, Cha Tae Hyun, Jung Joon Young, Kim Jong Min, Defconn and Yoon Shi Yoon.

Catch 2 Days 1 Night every Sunday on Viu!
Source: AllkPop
Journey to the West 3
Embark on a Journey to the West with veteran comedians Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun, Eun Ji Won and Ahn Jae Hyun as they welcome Kyu Hyun (Super Junior) and Song Min Ho (WINNER) to their group.The popular and hilarious ‘Zombie Game’ as well as ‘Wake Up’ missions are not to be missed!
Join the members as they treat you to thrills and spills throughout their entire journey on Viu.
Source: Fuji Television Network
Switch Girl
Switch Girl is a Japanese drama series based on a manga. It features Nika Tamiya, a girl who puts on a fa├žade of being very stylish at school but looks different when she’s at home or in public.Be sure to look out to this drama when Nika is caught in several awkward and hilarious situations around her crush, Arata.

Enjoy all the episodes of Switch Girl now on Viu!
Source: RottenTomatoes
Bheja Fry2
Have a good laugh with Bheja Fry2with even more antics. This time, Bharat Bhushan won himself a free trip on a luxury cruise and is determined to rock the boat for most of the revelers, especially tax evader and tycoon Kay Kay Menon. While on board, he falls in love with Ranjini but has to deal with the nasty intentions of businessman Aijit Talwar.

Join Bhushan on board to see what happens to him onViu!

Keep yourself updated with the latest entertainment and variety shows as well as drama with Viu on their website https://www.viu.com/en or you can download the app available onthe Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

About Vuclip
Vuclip, a PCCW Media Company, is a leading premium video-on-demand service for emerging markets with 10 million subscribers per quarter. The company’s premium OTT service Viu is currently enjoyed by consumers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt and India. The foundation pillars of Vuclip’s strategy are: premium Asian content in 34 different languages from more than 270 top content providers around the world; a personalized and localized viewing experience tailored to users based on deep data analytics; and patented Dynamic Adaptive Transcoding™ which provides an elegant, unbuffered user experience regardless of device or network. 

Vuclip, Inc. and affiliate companies are headquartered in Milpitas, California and have a presence in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Dubai, Beijing and Jakarta.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


NAURAH AMEENA BASIC was founded in 2012 by Puan Nadiah Mazlan, age 33, married with 3 beautiful children. Her passion of venturing into the business world was not by chance. It was something she wanted to do. 


Concur, an SAP company and one of the world’s leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions, has announced a collaboration with AirAsia Group that will help Concur Travel customers access regular and exclusive corporate content from AirAsia. The latter content is available only to customers who have a direct agreement with AirAsia. This is expected to help businesses reduce their corporate travel spend amidst the present challenging economic environment, where many businesses are closely monitoring and looking at better managing their travel costs.

With Asia being the largest market and epicenter for business travel in world, according to a McKinsey report commissioned by Singapore Tourism Board, low cost carriers (LCCs) have also gained popularity and market share of business travel in the region. In Asia, LCCs comprised 29 percent of all business travel expenditure on flights, making this the most penetrated region in the world. As a benchmark, penetration in North America is only at 16 percent. Growth has been the fastest in Asia as well–business travel expenditure on LCCs has grown 11 percent annually over the past three years, nearly double the rate of growth in North America (6 percent).

Nick Evered, Concur’s senior vice president and general manager, Asia Pacific, said, “Our collaboration with AirAsia Group, by far the largest LCC grouping in Asia, will provide our customers with a great cost saving window on their travel budgets. Concur's easy-to-use business travel and expense management software solution helps businesses save time, money and gain control. This is a timely collaboration as both Concur and AirAsia identify the needs of the digital customer today, and we’re excited to be able to extend more savings for our customers through this collaboration with AirAsia.”

Barry Klipp, group head of corporate sales, AirAsia said, "We are delighted to collaborate with Concur, who will play a key role in our corporate sales strategy. Through Concur Travel, we will offer both our regular content, as well as, our exclusive corporate content to those who have a direct corporate agreement with AirAsia.  As companies continue to manage their travel budgets in the challenging economic times, we look forward to supporting Concur's customers in budgeting their employee travel costs.”

AirAsia Group’s wide network, covering 120 destinations across 26 countries and 9 airlines, enables businesses to reach their customers anywhere and hence, opens up new markets and opportunities.

Corporations who are interested in AirAsia’s corporate programme are to email maa_corpsales@airasia.com for further information.

Monday, 3 April 2017


Through mud, sweat, and pain—anyone who has participated ina Spartan Race can at test to the strength, skill, and willpower needed to out match the obstacle race. Known as one of the world’s most gruelling sporting events, these highly anticipated events also entice women of different age, race, and status.

Thursday, 30 March 2017


Housewife Turned Entrepreneur Made Close to RM750,000 Revenue on Shopee
Shopee, the No 1 mobile-first marketplace in Southeast Asia and Taiwan announced Te Mei Hong, 39 from Shopee ID: cathyshop as the Seller of the Year at its first ever Shopee Seller Awards 2017 held at Double Tree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur tonight. The winner was awarded with a trophy, cash prize of RM3,500 and advertising spot on Shopee platform worth RM30,000 as presented by guests of honour Yang Berhormat Dato’ Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri, Minister from the Prime Minister’s Department; and YBhg. Datuk Mohd Shukrie Mohd Salleh, Chief Executive Officer, Pos Malaysia, and witnessed by Ian Ho, Shopee’s Regional Managing Director.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


THE LANGKAWI INTERNATIONAL MARITIME & AEROSPACE EXHIBITION or easily known as LIMA. An exhibition showcasing defense, civil and commercial applications for maritime and aerospace, such as Defense, Commercial and Business Aviation, Shipbuilding and Ship Repairs. 

Choosing Langkawi as the venue for the exhibition is not by chance but because it was most suitable for the objectivity. Maritime would be well shown since it's an island and it would be easier for warships, submarines and others to be anchored in, As for the aerospace, since Langkawi has an airport which is able to received high volume tourist, it was seen as wouldn't be a problem to have this renowned exhibition on Langkawi. 

For years, LIMA has been a good source of income for the people of Langkawi, providing job prospect for many, giving opportunities to locals to be creative in products and services, and every two years once, the Island of Langkawi becomes a busy Island like the Bahamas.

2017 marks the 14th year LIMA is held, and excitement is already in the air for 2019. Establishing since 1991, we see the year grow and with some of us aging together with LIMA.  
  1. LIMA 1991
  2. LIMA 1993
  3. LIMA 1995
  4. LIMA 1997
  5. LIMA 1999
  6. LIMA 2001
  7. LIMA 2003
  8. LIMA 2005
  9. LIMA 2007
  10. LIMA 2009
  11. LIMA 2011
  12. LIMA 2013
  13. LIMA 2015
  14. LIMA 2017 
  15. LIMA 2019 (15th and soon) 

After several years of experiences organising LIMA from year 1991 until 2017, LIMA 2017 is by far, well organised by EN-Projects (M) Sdn Bhd with the support from Ministry of Defense Malaysia. And having had the chance to witness LIMA 2001 previously, the exhibition these time around deserves a thumbs up for effort. 

Our utmost gratitude and many thanks to MINISTRY OF DEFENSE MALAYSIA and EN-PROJECTS (M) SDN BHD for taking care of the media team, with updated information at real time. Their patience in making sure the Media Team had everything at hand from transportation, to a comfortable Media Centre, and other facilities to enabling news are out fast and on time was commendable. 

CONGRATULATIONS for a good job done and a great exhibition done. 


DATE - 21 - 25 March 2017
21 March 2017  Trade Visitors
22 March 2017  Trade Visitors
23 March 2017  Trade Visitors
24 March 2017  Public Visitors
25 March 2017  Public Visitors

EDITION  - 14th LIMA 2017

Officers   143 personnels
LLP        331 personnels
Public       26 personnels

OPENING GAMBIT - 23 TUDM aircraft 
  1. 3 units F18
  2. 2 units Su20 MKM
  3. 3 units EC 725
  4. 7 units PC 7
  5. 5 units Hawk
  6. 3 units A400M

AIR SHOW DISPLAY - 3 Acrobatic Team with 21 aircraft
  1. 7 units KT -1B by Jupiter of Indonesia
  2. 5 units Su 30 SM by Russian Knight of Russia
  3. 9 units T50B by Black Eagle of South Korea

  1. 1st Day  - Opening Gambit  - 8am - 830am / 12noon - 2.30pm
  2. 2nd Day - 12.30noon - 2.30pm
  3. 3rd Day  - 12.30noon - 2.30pm
  4. 4th Day  - 10am - 12noon / 2.30pm - 4.30pm
  5. 5th Day  - 10am - 12noon / 2.30pm - 4.30pm


  1. Russia       - IL 76
  2. Singapore  - Apache & F15SG
  3. USA          - KC135, F18 & Predator
  4. France       - 2x Rafale
  5. Australia    - C17
  6. Italy           - ATR72
  7. Thailand     - 2x Gripen
  8. RMAF        - F18, Su 30MKM, EC725, A400M
  9. PUTD        -  A109
  10. APMM       -  Bombardier & AW139
  11. NAVY        -  Fennex, Super Lynx
  12. PDRM       -  AS355
  13. JBPM        -  AW139

  1. 1 unit   EC 725 (TUDM)
  2. 2 units AW139 (JBPM)



NO OF COMPANIES INVOLVED - 555 Companies (exceeded from target)

NO OF BOOTHS - 281 unit 
  1. MIEC - 212 booth 
  2. RESORT WORLD - 69 booth 

  1. 21st March 2017  14,313
  2. 22nd March 2017 14,576
  3. 23rd March 2017  11,391
  4. 24th March 2017  104,557
  5. 25th March 2017  132,132

     Trade Visitors  :   40,280 (exceeded target and increase numbers on visitors)
     Public Visitors :  236,689
     Total Visitors   :  276,969

With the increase numbers from the original target numbers, we hope to see LIMA 2019 exceeding as well on the numbers of traders and public alike.

#LIMA2019 see you soon. 

Saturday, 25 March 2017


1.  LANGKAWI, 25 Mac - Pameran Promosi dan Kerjaya TLDM sempena Pameran Maritim dan Aeroangkasa Antarabangsa Langkawi 2017 (LIMA ’17) mendapat sambutan luar biasa apabila merekodkan jumlah pengunjung lebih dari 7,000 orang sejak ia dibuka pada 21 Mac bertempat di Resorts World Langkawi. 

2.  Tema pameran yang telah dipilih ialah “Today For Tomorrow”. Pameran ini bertujuan memberikan peluang kepada masyarakat untuk lebih mengenali TLDM secara langsung. Pelbagai aktiviti pameran diadakan sepanjang LIMA’17 termasuk persembahan pancaragam dari negara sahabat iaitu Tentera Laut Filipina dan Tentera Laut Sri Lanka, Drumline Pancaragam Pusat TLDM, pertunjukan pakaian seragam, pameran misil, pameran senjata api kecil, pertunjukan Kawad Senyap dan pameran oleh Pasukan Khas Laut (PASKAL)

3.  Disamping itu, segmen pameran pada kali ini juga telah disusun agar dapat memberi peluang kepada pengunjung memahami pengoperasian TLDM secara keseluruhannya.dimensi operasi di daratan, atas permukaan, bawah permukaan dan ruang udara adalah fokus kepada pameran ini. Buat julung kalinya gambaran konsep tentera laut masa hadapan dipertontonkan. 

4.  Pada masa yang sama, tapak pameran Segmen Maritim LIMA ’17 sehingga kini telah menerima sambutan hebat apabila lebih daripada 54,000 pengunjung telah datang melawat dan juga berpeluang melawat kapal-kapal TLDM dan kapal tentera laut asing yang dibuka untuk lawatan umum setiap hari secara percuma.

Friday, 24 March 2017


RTL CBS Entertainment HD memastikan gelak ketawa dan drama berterusan sementara  RTL CBS Extreme HD meneruskan keterujaan dengan aksi penuh adrenalina sepanjang April ini


TAIWAN TOURISM BUREAU will participate in Matta Fair 2017, and will host Taiwan Tourism Promotion event on Sat, March 18 in Seri pacific hotel, ballroom A & B , level 2. It is right next to Putra World Trade Center (PWTC). In 2016, 1.65 million southeastern Asian travelers visited Taiwan. Malaysians accounted for 28%, which is 470000 visitors to Taiwan in 2016, and is the main focus of Taiwanese Tourism Bureau. Taiwan Visitors Association, Kuala Lumpur Office have recently promoted plenty of well-loved activities and events and have won praise from all cultural, age group in Malaysia. They also work hard on communicating with Muslims travelers to provide them with pleasant travel experience in Taiwan.
The Tourism promotion event will feature the handsome MASTERCHEF DATO' FAZLEY YAAKOB as the celebrity guest to promote Taiwan tourism. DJ Jc Cheah of Ai FM will host the eventand introduce Taiwanese gourmet food and shopping experience for Malaysians from all backgrounds. MasterChef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob just become the champion of Juara MASTERCHEF SELEBRITI MALAYSIA in 2012, he is not only super popular MasterChef but also work as a writer, singer, actor, TV host, inspirational speaker, and owner of many restaurants. MasterChef Fazley is also commonly respected as a Halal food expert. With that being said, he will promote Taiwanese gourmet food to Muslims along with shopping and more exciting travel experience in Taiwan. He will also provide the latest travel information and scenery travel spots to all Malaysians.
The host DJ Jc Cheah has studied in Taiwan and participated featured wedding in Alishan sacred tree forest. He truly loves Taiwan, and just joined making of Taiwanese travel show “Time for Taiwan” introduced Taiwan as a Malaysian visitor in the show. He will share his precious Taiwan travel experience in and out of the show to all audiences.
Other than delivering the travel information of Taiwan, this event will have lucky draw of free flight ticket, free hotel accommodation and Taiwan local special gifts for the attending audiences. It is a great opportunity for Malaysians to come and get the great chance of winning the big prize!

TAIWAN TOURISM BUREAU has presented well-organized exhibition and promotion events not only won good impression from the exhibitors but also attracted considerable locals to participate. Taiwan is working by hearts to design exclusive gourmet food and shopping experience route. Moreover, Taiwan is building friendlier, and more convenient travel environment for all travelers to experience warm, comfortable hospitality from Taiwanese.

Thursday, 23 March 2017


SMART-i GO MALAYSIA (SMART-i) has forged a partnership with FLEXIROAM to bring the best of internet roaming facility for its 1.5 million users. 

By combining the strength of SMART-i GO MALAYSIA’s tourist mobile application and FLEXIROAM’s mobile expertise, this partnership offers both of their users the best in terms of access and content through an all-inclusive digital communication package. 

This partnership was formalized with the signing of a MoU between SMART-i GO MALAYSIA and FLEXIROAM
The MoU was signed by Mr. Ryan Loh, Chief Operating Officer of Smart-i Go Malaysia and Ms. Elfrida Ong, Vice-President (Operations) of FLEXIROAM. The event was held at KL Tower on 22 March 2017. 

This partnership will focus on the international and domestic tourism markets for Smart-i Go Malaysia following FLEXIROAM’s ongoing success in offering international travellers with data roaming in over 100 countries and territories. 

This collaboration is tailored to meet the needs of the tourism industry. Smart-i Go Malaysia’s app users would be able to purchase the FLEXIROAM X Starter Pack and get 500MB of free data via the app. 

This will enable users to access to a range of attractive online domestic travel packages which the app has to offer, including through social media tools such as Google Search™, Youtube™ and Google Maps™. 

“Through a digital promotional campaign via social media, users will be offered pointers to better understand the benefits and direct value of this partnership. Important information will be made accessible, for example, finding new interesting tourist spots in Malaysia, places to eat, travel packages and transportation bookings”, Mr. Ryan Loh said. 

“We are committed to this partnership with FLEXIROAM as it would be beneficial to the 1.5 million of our users and downloaders who rely on Smart-i Go Malaysia while in Malaysia or planning to spend their vacations in the country. At the same time, this initiative would also help boost the domestic tourism sector”, he added. 

The digital communication package is essentially well adapted to travellers who have high data usage as mobile usage is an essential element of travel technology. Mobile usage is on the rise throughout the entire traveller’s journey and more are using their smartphones to make reservations regarding their travels. 

According to the TripBarometer Connected Travel report, Malaysia is placed on fifth place with 53%, with Thailand at number one with 65%. 
Mr. Ryan Loh (COO of Smart-i Go Malaysia), Mr. Md Salleh Huddin Abu Hanifah (Chaiman of Smart-i Go Malaysia), Ms. Sofia Akzan Amir (CEO of Smart-i Go Malaysia), Ms. Elfrida Ong (VP Operations of FLEXIROAM), Dato’ Ammar A. Ghapar (Tourism Malaysia), Ms. Norsiah Patah (Senior Principal Assistant Secretary, Tourism Licensing Division of MOTAC), Mr. Mohd Noor Isman (representative from MPAJ)
“The partnership between SMART-i GO MALAYSIA and FLEXIROAM will enhance tourist experiences in Malaysia. Tourists will be able to stay connected online with their friends and family whilst in Malaysia. By using Flexiroam X, tourists will have data access to use the Smart-i app to plan for their trips,” said Ms. Elfrida Ong. 

SMART-i GO MALAYSIA was launched in February 2015. In less than two years, this app has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times. Currently it is ranked as one of the most popular app downloaded by tourists domestically and internationally. The app can be downloaded for free on both Play Store and App Store. 

A Malaysian home grown firm which specialises in promoting Malaysia’s tourism sector. Smart-i Go Malaysia was inspired and conceived in line with the call by Malaysian Government for the private sector to play an active role in promoting the tourism sector. In line with these efforts, Smart-i Go Malaysia developed the app aimed at providing a myriad of information for the benefit of foreign tourists as well as Malaysians. The information include Malaysia’s history, multi-cultural heritage, places of interest, cuisine, shopping outlets and tourism packages. Our team comprises dynamic individuals with a diverse wealth of experience, who have a common passion for all things mobile. We relish technical challenges. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of our team, Smart Malaysia was accorded the Golden Award “For Mobile Application of the Year (Best Entertainment and Lifestyle) at the “Mobile Business Excellence Award 2015” held in Kuala Lumpur in October 2015 and the Master Class Award in The Outstanding Customized Apps Developer category at the “ASEAN Outstanding Business Awards 2016”. For more information, please visit www.smart-i.my or follow us on FB https://www.facebook.com/smartimalaysia

FLEXIROAM (ASX: FRX) is the leading telecommunications company offering a globally unified voice and data service for mobile users around the world. The company was established in 2011 by Jefrey Ong with the aim of expanding the horizons for global communication. Its flagship data roaming product, FLEXIROAM X allows users to earn data which is usable in over 100 countries and has one of the longest validity of any data roaming plan available on the market today. 

FLEXIROAM is an asset light telecommunications company that does not own physical infrastructure yet able to connect to around 580 network operators globally. FLEXIROAM aspires to be a household name in borderless mobile broadband service in Asia and beyond. For more information, please visit https://www.flexiroam.com/