An introduction to the ATLAS Champagne Collection
Home to more than 250 of the world’s most sought-after labels, the ATLAS Champagne Collection is recognised as one of the largest in Asia. After two years of careful curatation, the collection is a true celebration of ATLAS’ genuine passion for celebration and the finer things in life.

The prestigious collection features some of the finest Champagnes from across the globe, which have been sourced from some of the world’s best Champagne houses or personally selected from the Parkview Family Cellar by the Hwang family’s sommelier, Jack Cheung and ATLAS’ sommelier, Mason Ng, who began studying wine at the age of 13.

With a key focus on Grower Champagnes, the collection reflects the diligence and determination of three generations of the Hwang family and includes some genuine treasures, of which only one or two bottles are available.

ATLAS currently offers approximately 30 Champagnes by the glass as well as a selection of Champagne flights. Notable items which have been in the collection include Salon 2006, Egly Ouriet “Les Crayeres” Ambonnay Grand Cru Blanc de Noir, Chartogne Taillet “Les Beaux Sens” Blanc de Noirs 2011, Agrapart “Les 7 Crus”, Doyard “Cuvee Vendemiaire” Blanc de Blancs, George Laval Cumieres 1er Cru and David Leclapart “L’Amateur”.

“To highlight our Grower Champagnes, we wanted to provide our guests with the opportunity to taste a different Champagne every time they step into ATLAS,” said Mason Ng, Head Somellier at ATLAS. We currently offer three flights, with nine Champagne’s available by the glass which are changed every two to three months. We wanted to focus on education and experience, with all flights created to focus on the three main grape varieties of Champagne.”

The ATLAS Champagne Collection is arranged into four distinct categories:
  • La Sélection; a celebration of the great diversity of Champagne, this category features beautiful Champagnes from both vintage and non-vintage Champagnes.
  • Le Terroir; a dedication and celebration of the 17 Grand Crus of Champagne, the single village releases that are the heart of Champagne culture.
  • La Prestige; a list of the most renowned Champagnes drawn from the Parkview Family Cellar and from the most iconic Champagne Houses.
  • Les Collections; exclusive to ATLAS, an exceptionally rare selection of Champagne “collections”, which are designed to be enjoyed as a complete set.

La Sélection
La Sélection is home to a collection of Champagnes personally selected by ATLAS’s sommelier team. The collection is a reflection of the fine skills and craftsmanship of the wine-makers and highlights each stage of the Champagne making process, all of which include a selection process.

Highlights from La Sélection include Drappier “Quattuor” Blanc de Blancs NV, a truly unique Champagne which showcases a few of the forgotten white grapes of Champagne and Tarlant “La Vigne d’Or” Blanc de Noirs 2003, a Blanc de Noir composed of 100% Pinot Meunier.

Le Terroir
Within Le Terroir category, ATLAS has sourced bottles from all 17 Grand Cru villages, which make up just nine percent of the villages in the Champagne region. Less than 9% of all the planted vineyard land in Champagne have received a 100% Grand cru rating. Le Terroir is a celebration of the Champagne and its unique terroir, from the beautiful chalk, the unique weather, the diverse business and the people in the Champagne region.

“For the Le Terroir category we handpick vignerons who are able to allow the expression of terroir to show, instead of their fingerprints. How a Chardonnay or Pinot Noir should taste in this region would be a greater emphasis over what a winemaker wants to show he is capable of. In this section, winemakers are merely translators of God’s magical work on the vineyard. A translator of terroir to the glass in front of you,” said Jack Cheung, Hwang Family Sommelier.

Highlights include Lamiable “Cuvee Pheerie” Blanc de Blancs 2008 from Tours-sur-Marne, Paul Sadi “Clos Virgile” 2012 from Beaumont-sur-Vesle and Jean Milan “Terres de Noel” Blanc de Blancs 2009

from Oger.

La Prestige
La Prestige features a wide variety of Grand Marquees and houses with a long history such as Dom Perignon, Cristal, Krug and Bollinger. The collection features not only a bottle, but a vertical of vintages by the same house, going back to as early as 1947. Highlights include Heidsieck Monopole

&  Co. “Goût Américain”, commonly referred to as “The Shipwreck Champagne”. This Champagne was recovered from the Baltic Sea in 1998 and was the same label served on The Titanic and by Tsar Nicolas II, the last emperor of Russia. The pressure and temperature of the Baltic Sea allowed for the bottles to remain intact at the bottom of the sea for 90 years.

Les Collections
A treasured selection offering a unique experience, Les Collections houses collections of Champagnes that showcase a full range by a producer, such as the Jacques Selosse’s Lieux Dits Collection, Ulysse Collin’s Quintet Collection and Tattinger’s Art Collection series.

“Within this category we want our guests to enjoy a full range of Champagne by one winemaker. By choosing from the collection, you would be able to understand a winemaker’s style or fingerprints, as you slowly go through their whole range, tasting the differences and the subtle similarities.

Different grapes, different terroirs, different techniques, but through the same pair of hands.” Said Mason Ng.

Since opening, ATLAS has also been curating their very unique “Coteaux Champenois” and “Ratafia de Champagne” Collection. The collection currently includes around 15 different Coteaux Champenois, from the very premium Egly Ouriet Ambonnay Grand Cru Rouge and Henri Giraud Aÿ Grand Cru Blanc, to the smaller houses of Dehours, Larmandier Bernier and to the unknown cuvee of Lanson’s Bouzy Grand Cru Rouge and 5 Ratafia de Champagne, which includes Egly Ouriet, Henri Giraud, Guy Charlemagne, Lanson. Although small, the team is working on sourcing the best producers for both ranges and hopes to have more than 20 Coteaux Champenois and 10 Ratafia de Champagne by mid 2018.

ATLAS graces the ground floor of one of Singapore’s most iconic buildings, Parkview Square, in the history-rich Bugis neighbourhood.

ATLAS is a celebration of the grand Art Deco lobbies of Europe and of the era’s rich culinary and beverage traditions. Guests will enjoy brilliant all-day, and night, dining and drinking. Expect a truly memorable setting, delightful European cuisine from Executive Chef Daniele Sperindio and a bar helmed by Roman Foltán, and Carla Soares, both formerly of London’s award-winning Artesian at The Langham. Beverage highlights will include elegant European cocktails, one of Asia’s finest collections of spirits and champagne, and a thoughtfully curated tea and coffee service.

ATLAS is owned by Parkview Square’s developers, the Hwang family, who have enlisted the expertise of HASSELL and Proof & Company to create a warm, welcoming destination with a real sense of occasion, delivering elegance and excellence ... without pretence.

ATLAS may be grand — but it ain’t grandiloquent. Here, you’re always cordially invited.
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