In every nation there are stories of Unsung Heroes.  Stories of heroism unseen, sacrifices unknown, services that were rendered for no other reason than an intense love of country. These are the key takeaways in Maybank’s newest series of videos featuring the hidden stories of family members of Maybankers that were released as part of the financial services brand’s celebration of Malaysia’s 60 years of Independence last week.

Showcasing the patriotic dedication displayed by many, the emotions and devotion of these unsung heroes are seen through the eyes of a few of notable individuals that have made great sacrifices for the peace of Malaysia.The first two videos of the series feature the Former Chief of Army, Panglima Tentera Darat, General Tan Sri Che Md Noor Mat Arshad; and Former Investigating Officer, SAC II Datuk Foong Yee Kai who were both instrumental in fighting for peace in Malaysia.

“You only know the value of peace, when you’ve gone through the conflicts,” said General Tan Sri Che Md Noor. “You must be proud that we are the only country in the world that managed to defeat militant communism!”
General Tan Sri Che Md Noor Mat who joined the army in this late teens shared his story on how he battled and survived the war at a young and impressionable age of 18 for the love of this then fledgling country. He talks about his experience, hardships,  fears, challenges and ultimately hope, as the nation defended itself against the communist threats of the era.

Today, Malaysia is a prosperous multi-racial nation which has become one of the world’s leading multi ethnic countries. Malaysia is also an advanced developing country with high standards and quality of life that were built on the strong foundations provided by the sacrifices and duty of individuals who selflessly gave of themselves in the past.

Our Malaysian heroes took it upon themselves to end the threats to our security at that time to ensure that future generations would not experience the terrible tales that are today seen as ancient history here. Their only dream was – and is – for Malaysians to live in peace and harmony, with the mindset of moving forward towards a shared future of equal prosperity and success.

“Maybank salutes and pays tribute to our unsung heroes, family members of our Maybankers; who fought for us in the name of honor, for freedom, and to ensure our security then and now. Our Malaysian Unsung Heroes series showcases the sacrifices and the troubled past of Malaysia in the time of our parents and grandparents; and what they went through during the war to make a better Malaysia for us today. Their stories are inspiring and I know that we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. By learning from them, we may even see a way ahead for us to further enhance what makes Malaysia a leader in, unity, multi ethnicity, economic transformation, and the value of humanising every part of our lives for a shared future that benefits us all,” said Datuk Abdul Farid Alias, Group President and CEO of Maybank
Another featured hero in this series is Former Investigating Officer, SAC II Datuk Foong Yee Kai. When he joined the police force, little did he know he would end up being  a  jungle warrior fighting for the country’s independence, capturing terrorists through intelligence, and leading the young police force of the day in the fight for our safety and rule of law.

“I would tell (Malaysians of today) that they must know the history, of why you are here, why you’re this good, maybe they will learn (what is important),” said Datuk Foong Yee Kai.

Datuk Foong also talks about how his team was able to set up a meeting with the communist leaders, and after much negotiations, were able to lay the foundation for discussions that eventually  led to the signing of the peace agreement that was so crucial to the nation’s future.

The videos have already been viewed more than 2.6 million times on Maybank’s social media channels to date.

The beginning of a series, Maybank publishedanother three inspirational videos of a similar vein which was released on Malaysia Day (16 Sept 2017) with the aim of further fostering the spirit of patriotism and unity for the nation in line with it’s mission of “Humanising Financial Services”.

“With our initial success on the first five stories, we are confident that the series of upcoming stories will reach many Malaysians and inspire them to unite even more for a better future. The sacrifices of our past leaders have allowed us to enjoy what we have today and we should not lose sight of that in challenging times. The future is ours – if we remember, and learn from our past” said Datuk Abdul Farid Alias, Group President and CEO of Maybank.

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