Travelling is a favourite pass time spend with families, friends or alone time in Malaysia. Some would choose to travel around with the public transport such as bus express or train. Some would just rent a car that is able to fit a larger capacity numbers of passengers. Those who travel around with their own vehicle, then those owning Perodua make cars would agree that they have the most economical unit of vehicle for travelling purposes.

When we plan COLOURS OF LIVES: TRAVELOGUE MALAYSIA  programme we had aim to travel around Malaysia in a car as we wanted to be able to reach certain destination that could be entered by a car. And what best to be in our top list is PERODUA.

Thank you to PERODUA MALAYSIA, we manage to start off our first Travelogue Malaysia to Malacca on the 27 to 29 October 2017 at a last minute arrangement. We were provided with two types of PERODUA unit, both of the GEAR UP unit, BEZZA and AXIA. 
The opportunity to drive and review PERODUA BEZZA Gear Up unit, for Travelogue Malaysia: Malacca, was an exciting experience for the team.

PERODUA BEZZA has received the following awards for
·       2016, design was recognised by Majlis Rekebentuk Malaysia as THE BEST CAR under the 'Public Areas and Transport Products' category.
·         2016, CarSifu Editors’ Choice Awards under Best Family Ride of the Year (<RM100k)
·         2017, Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Car of the Year.
·         2017, Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Debut Car of the Year.
·         2017, Malaysia Good Design Mark Award.

With all the above awards, it’s not a surprised that PERODUA BEZZA slowly becomes a favourite among car lovers and future car owners. Previously was not into the design, but after trying out the new PERODUA BEZZA, it has improved in design and the feeling of comfortability creeps in.

Need a car that is fuel consumption saving, then try PERODUA BEZZA. The cost of fuel for a 3 days trip with non-stop destination on the itinerary didn’t reach more than RM150.00 and our Travelogue Malaysia: Malacca was really pack. Not suprising with the features that the PERODUA has designed recently for BEZZA.
·      A 1.0-litre 1KR-VE engine with VVT-i
·      A 1.3-litre 1NR-VE engine with Dual VVT-i

·         1.0L Manual (Travel up to 22.8km per litre of fuel)
 A feature that is part of the model's fuel saving technology (first for Perodua and for a 
 National Carmaker)
·         1.3L 'Premium X' (Travel up to 21.3km per litre of fuel)
 Comes with a push start/stop button and smart entry with smart key

·         1.0L Automatic (Travel up to 21.3km per litre of fuel)
·         1.3L "Premium x" (Travel up to 22km per litre of fuel)
 Comes with a push start/stop button and smart entry with smart key
·         1.3L Advance (while on ‘Eco Idle’ system, driving range is up to 792km on       full tank)
§   Equipped with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) that reduces skidding. Maintains stability 
   and safer driving.
§   With also Traction Control (TRC) and Brake Assist (BA) to maintain traction on slippery
§   Also has Hills Start Assist (HSA) preventing car from rolling back on slopes when 
   brake is released. Enough time to switch the accelerator pedal.
§   Multimedia-mobile link device – users can access social media and entertainment 
   features of their android gadget.
§   Interface navigation applications such as Waze and Google Maps through this “Smart 
   Link” feature
§   USB Port located at the rear centre console, makes it possible for passengers to charge
   their devices.

·                The ‘Eco Idle’ System
           Shutdown automatically the engine when its on idle and restarts as the brake is releases,  
           reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Activate / Deactivate buttons is on the dashboard.
·                Anti-Lock Braking System
·                Electronic brakeforce distribution
·                Speed-sensing wipers.
·                Boot size up to 508 litres in space
·                Shark-fin Antenna
·                Remote Boot Release
·                One-Touch Power Window with jam protection
·                Front Corner Sensors
·                Reverse Camera and sensors

Existing colours are Lava Red, Ebony Black, Glittering Silver and Solid Ivory White
New colours are Metallic Sugar Brown and Ocean Blue for 1.3L Variants.
For a more enhance and sporty look, take up their GEAR UP kits:-

DYNAMIC BODY KIT comprises of
·           Rear Bumper (front and back)
·           Side Skirting
·           Rear Spoiler

STYLISH is made of the above DYNAMIC BODY KIT,
·           Side Door Protectors
·           Door Visor

All in the all, is a worthwhile vehicle to owned or obtain on rental. Beside the safety, fuel consumption features, travel in style and with its many feature, in pleasure. 

Wanting more information, click the following links:-
Website        http://www.perodua.com.my
Twitter         https://twitter.com/myperodua

COLOURS OF LIVES: TRAVELOGUE MALAYSIA is organised by borakkita.com with the supported of Tourism Malaysia

Special Thanks to Tourism Malaysia Melaka for accompanying us, and also many thanks to  Perodua Malaysia, Marini Naturales Magic and 888tea for being our sponsors and believing in us. 

Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn Bhd, PCSB (400745K) was established in the final quarter of 2001. Besides Perodua, the two other joint venture partners of PCSB are Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd. and Mitsui & Co. Ltd both of Japan. The manufacturing operations of the Perodua Group are being managed by PCSB.

Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd, PSSB (066332U) is responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of all Perodua vehicles as well as after sales and spare parts operations.

Perodua Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, PMSB (095999T) is the company responsible for the manufacturing of Perodua vehicles.

Perodua Engine Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, PEMSB (400706M) undertakes the assembly of the vehicle engines and also manufacturing of selected engine component parts.

Perodua Global Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, PGMSB (400709X) is the first Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) state of the art new manufacturing facility in the country.  It has the biggest automotive rate in the country at 75%. It Is also able to produce 200,000 vehicles per annum on 2-shift cycle.

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