3 Simple Steps To A Successful Event
I use to remember when searching for the right caterers would have been like going through magazines or newspaper for their latest promotion or contact numbers. For those with internet access then it's was googling. 

And when we just made the confirmed order and paid deposit, all of the sudden, coming out of no where another catering company with a much competitive and better price and services than the one we chose. Ok here comes, 'why now lah?, I just paid deposit already.' or 'You think I can get back my deposit?' all the 'cepumas' question. 

We work day in day out at times by the time we reach home, it is late for any searching or enquiry, and it becomes frustrated when our search do not go to packages that we wish for. Well, www.feedmyguest.com is a new online search and order for that very purpose.

With 3 simple steps only, you are able to get the caterers that suits your budget and requirements. How? 
  1. Find
  2. Order
  3. Confirm OR Request for Quote 
All you have to do is click on 'Find Caterers'
It will bring you to a page where a whole lots of caterers are listed.
You can browse through everything or you filter them.

Browsing through and maybe those highlighted as Recommended
Click on Show Filters Option to filter for better search 
Types: For the different type of catering available
Cuisine: Types of cuisine you plan to do  
Event: Type of event
So far so good? Ok next will the ordering part.
Say if you choose eg. Nobers' Hot Wings, click on it. 
You will see a whole lot more of information
Gallery: You can view their products/servings
Review: You can also write your review here of your thoughts after the order

Easy right? Finally coming to the last step. 
Once you are satisfy with every details keyed in. 
You confirm your order by clicking on Submit Order
Someone will be calling you to confirm everything before you make any payment deposit/full. 

Please do read your Terms & Condition before submitting the order as various caterers has different T&C.

Once You click Select, You will be brought to this page.
Here you will find the price, delivery, minimum order and also the Terms & Conditions

Fill Up your details

Click Submit Order:
Once everything is done

Or If you got question to ask online live, you can do so.
Just click the bubble Icon stated as Got Question?
Someone from FeedMyGuest will attend to you
These is very user friendly. All you do is just search and confirm or get assistance. And it's Only 3 simple steps. I have tried and am excited because now I can just search here and order my catering and if I go queries, I can speak live with them over the website. So start planning yours now with www.feedmyguest.com and be the talk of the town. 

Official Website    Feed My Guest
Official FB              https://www.facebook.com/FeedMyGuest/

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