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When I attended the soft launch as a blogger partner, it was not just to cover the product but was to meet up-close my two favourite person aka couple. From being sweethearts of about eight years, getting married to each other, having two beautiful daughters, Sophea Natasha and Sophea Isabella and with a strings of accomplishments to their name,  these power couple has remained united through it all. 
Unveiling of the Perfume 
Dr Sheikh and his lovely wife Dr Halina
The love of two hearts, with their own individual character and style, who has become the idols of Malaysians from all walks of life, inspired the creation of #InspireDrSheikh and #DesireDrHalina perfumes. Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor mentioned that he loves woody and musky smell, with his persona that came about to Inspire. While Dr Halina Mohd Yunos who in person is someone soft and bubbly, loves flowery and apple smell decided on Desire. 

Capt Faizal (Managing Director, Luc Empire Ventures)
Dato' Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor
Datin Dr. Halina Mohd Yunos
Production is expected to be out soon, with first batch at 10,000 units meant for the Ramadhan Season. Managed by Luc Empire Ventures, the roll out is intented to help those enroll as their agents to have extra income for the coming Ramadhan, Raya months and future as Luc Empire Ventures is expecting to come out with more products in the future. 

Soft Launch Tester Vials
Testing both vials, #InspiredDrSheikh smells of masculinity, yes woody but it's a smell that soothes and calming when close by. It make you feel confident and masculine. It's not too strong nor mild, but also not torturing to the nose. While #DesireDrHalina, it's more of apple flowery and light smells, it's soothing and ladylike. It make you feel feminine. 

To me personally, Dr. Sheikh and Dr. Halina, both personalities, reflects positiveness, humbly persona, sensitivity to well being of others, both with own achievements has inspired many and in thus created the feeling of desire to have what both have - love, career and family. 

INSPIRE by Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar 
Embodies boldness and masculinity for the modern man, capturing ultimate style. With it's musky, woody cinnamon, clove and ember scent, it's celebrating masculinity, the power of inspiration, self-confidence and intellect. This long-lasting fragrance ensures all men are celebrated every day. 

DESIRE by Dr. Halina
Empowers woman to embrace these inherent aspects. With it's apple scent and sophisticated composition of exotic flowers and sensual woods, it will refresh and resonate with the modern day woman. Formulated with exclusive Apple Fusion Complex and skin-loving nutrients. First of it's kind with skin boasting benefits, truly empowering women from within. 

Price range per bottle of 30ml is at RM 49.90 (WM) and RM 54.00 (EM).

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