It's oval in shape. Not too soft nor too hard. It's skin is at times are edible, some are not. Some are in green, yellow or even red. Who would wonder a fruit such as that would be full of vitamin C. Benefits of taking Vitamin C, 
  • protection against immune system deficiencies, 
  • cardiovascular disease, 
  • prenatal health problems, 
  • eye disease, and 
  • even skin wrinkling. 

So taking lots of it is very beneficial to our daily health.

Zespri Sungold Kiwifruit
  1. It's pack with Vitamin C. Just taking One (1) SunGold Kiwifruit for breakfast has the whole entire day worth of Vitamin C. Use them as topping to your oats meal or have them as your morning fruits. 
  2. Won't miss your daily potassium intake, as it has the same amount of potassium in a banana. So you can make your very own smoothie. Good to have some after exercising. 
  3. Helps by keeping the blood sugar levels from spiking high up plus it keeps you feel fuller. 
  4. Vitamin C also helps build the collagen that improve's skin as kiwis are also loaded with Vitamin E and other antioxidants to prevent skin damage and wrinkles. If you are into doing your own facial rubs, you can now do it with kiwis. 
  5. It's sweeter, it's skin is smoother. That means I can just bite into... hahaha

Zespri, world largest marketer of kiwifruit introduces 'Wake Up With Zespri' with Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit Campaign. To show how consuming a sweet and zesty kiwifruit every morning can impact the overall well being of the whole family every day. 

Introduction of Zespri Sungold Kiwifruit, which, if you take only One (1) can boasts over 3x the Vitamin C content found in an Orange for every 100gm of edible flesh. And taking it every morning with your regular breakfast is enough to meet 100% percent of your daily Vitamin C needs. A perfect fruit to start the day!

Credit Photo: thesweetspot
There are different types of kiwis in the market now. Not just the colours but the texture and taste as well. I prefer the Zespri Sungold Kiwifruit instead of the green kiwi because it's much sweeter than the other. Even though it has that natural sweetness to it, it still has a low glycaemic index of 38, the amount of glucose that is released during digestion from carbohydrates into the blood system, which makes one will feel less hunger in between meals. 

Takes 240 day to grow and harvest the kiwis between March till May. So every May onwards, when it's available for the market, so what better way than to promote them via their regional initiative that begins in Malaysia, carried on to Singapore and Australia. 

'Wake Up with Zespri' Campaign starts as early as 8.30am until 11.30am at Desa ParkCity. Free Entrance. Open to all. To empower healthy living, the campaign Kick Start with
  • Fun workouts with Cassey Ho of YouTube fame, world renowned celebrity fitness instructor and founder of Blogilates.
  • Yoga by Malaysian Emcee Celebrity Jojo Struys.
  • Positive beats by DJ Irama and GTXperiment.
  • Family activities such as Leelapas, Giant Twister, Zorb Ball, Smoothie Biker and Nutritious KiwiFruit inspired Breakfast. 

Walking Kiwi hahaha

with Blogilates

Giant Twister

Spin, Blend your Kiwis

Leelapas Arts

Zorb Ball

Kiwis on sales

Since my son is a 'hantu' Chips, he wanted to try Zespri Sungold Kiwifruit with his chips, so he took the salsa dip combined with the kiwifruit, and he went 'heaven' 3x... hahaha. It's quite good... we had the chips, hot, sweet and sour all in one. 
My own rendering of chips with Zespri Sungold Kiwifruit
Chips with cheese dip with zespri sungold kiwifruit
World largest marketer of kiwifruit, selling kiwifruit into more than 53 countries and managing 30% percent of the global volume. In 2014/15, Zespri sold 108.4 million trays of Kiwifruit. The Zespri Brand is recognised as the world leader in Premium-quality kiwifruit. 

Based in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, Zespri is 100% percent owned by current or past kiwifruit growers (3700 growers). You can find the brand in all leading and major supermarkets in Malaysia. 

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