Who would have guess that somewhere tuck away in Selayang Heights, one would find a simple restaurant managed by a husband and wife team, Puan Aqma, with a huge breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Their specialty would the 30 types of Roti Canai served by them.

3Q's was established about a year ago and it's name was created from a combination of owner's husband and names of their children. Not just serving to students staying nearby, their customer ranges from government and private sectors as well. A simple and small but cosy environment and suitable for family eat-out. 

Wall of favourite slangs (I say)
As you enter 3Q's you will be greeted by various frame ups on the wall. These are one of my favourites, the languages most commonly used from all states in Malaysia. It will not be bored while waiting for your orders to arrive. 

Handmade by owner Puan Aqma's uncle. Gorgeous. 

When you talk about breakfast the most common menu and a favourite for many malaysian, would be the Roti Canai. Given time and day, I believe it's an all day menu. Here in 3Q's there are 30 variety of them and the most asked for would be Roti Jepun, Roti Hawaii and Roti Salad.... hahaha yup I had the same thought 30? Jepun? Hawaii? Salad? Oklah... I admit I was eyeing Roti Salad more hahaha...

Roti Canai Salad with gravy and sauce (fillings are salads)
Roti Canai Hawaii (has hotdogs and burgers)
Roti Canai Jepun (has cheese)
They don't just serve breakfast here, they have lunch and dinner as well. Among the dishes available on their menu are 

Ikan Kerapu Phakpu (a bit hotter on the tastebuds)
Ikan Kerapu 3 Rasa
Siakap Stim
Kerabu Ikan Bilis (highly recommended)
Kailan Ikan Masin
Ayam Goreng Berempah
Telur Bistik
and many more

Variety of dishes available for order
Ikan Siakap Stim
Ikan Kerapu Tiga Rasa
Ikan Kerapu Phakpu

Kerabu Ikan Bilis (highly recommended)
Long Time Favourite will be these one... why? It's a traditional drink from Negeri Sembilan, Air Jando Pulang. When travelling and doing my research on Negeri Sembilan Adat Pepatih, through my journey in Kuala Pilah right up to Seri Menanti, I was frequently served with Air Jando Pulang. And normally it is served during functions. The name itself has a meaning behind it and because of how it is made, that is why it is called Air Jando Pulang. 

You can read all about it here at this link:  http://kpdnkk.bernama.com/featuresBm.php?id=957359

But it has been recreated to an easier way to make, just the coconut water and fillings with air gula merah / sirap with pandan leaves. The original ones they will use air nira enau (sap water) and Buah Beluluk (fruit type)

Air Jando Pulang

3Q's also does catering. They have a small hall for rental or you can also have stand on tents for your functions. 

For nearby residents, they do food delivery as well. 

To the students nearby, they will frequent 3Q's as they also have extra services such as printing and photocopying. I believe that it is very convenient, when you can provide extras such as that. There is also wifi available.

So feel free folks to make you way here, or you can always call Pn Aqma for more info. 

B-G-08, P8 Avenue,
Jalan SH 1/1, Selayang Heights,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

03-6128 0236
013-307 5369
013-207 5234

Opening Days
Monday-Friday, Sunday
Saturday (close)

Opening hours      
8am - 12midnight


Location Map:

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