Was meeting up with some friends who came down to Kuala Lumpur, and we all decided to have a Lunch Date. It will be my first visit to the New Putra Mall after its renovation and was excited to see how the new look was going to be.

Ayam Penyet Express, Sunway Putra Mall
Since I am not so fussy about where to eat, the girlfriends decided to try Ayam Penyet Express. Okay I am not fussy but I am also not so keen on Ayam Penyet Dishes... hahaha going to have fun choosing the menu. 

The seating place was a bit tight especially when pack, but still comfortable. Order can be done at the counter or waiter. 
My son wanted the satay so much, haha I told him their satay is different. He is so use to taking the normal satay with the peanut sauce, he didn't expect his was going to be with soy sauce on the peanut sauce. So ended up we girls had to finish it up for him. 

Ikan Lele
Mine is the catfish.... favourite. It is so crispy and eating every bit, clean, clear off my plate. Luckily, the satay was around if not, I would take second servings. 
Drinks cum Dessert
And our final order would be our drink, I said cum dessert because we had fruits in them.... deliberately ordered them. It was hot outside. 

My impression since its my first time, clean, fast, a bit tight if pack with patrons otherwise its comfortable. Choose your menu wisely, take something you eat if not be adventurous, it wouldn't hurt. Happy Ayam Penyet folks.

Ayam Penyet Express
L4.57, Fourth Floor,
Sunway Putra Mall,
100, Jalan Putra, 
Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur

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