When it comes to meals, I am quite fussy especially services. Being someone who's like anyone else, when the mood of laziness kicks in, the delivery order numbers do come in handy at times. Added when you have a 8 year old with you... hmmmm it becomes a MUST in the household contacts list of numbers on the fridge.

Not just the numbers, having the online delivery is much better as you can browse through their variety of menus and choose your flavour for the day. Previously their website was without online payment so all orders made, payment are cash. Now you can get to pay via online for your pizza's. An improvement and so convenient.  

Have you checked their online delivery website yet? I mean the latest one? 
They have a #domiknow it-all game with prizes as well. Is this the #secret that is going around town now? hahaha I wouldn't know, still in guessing mode.  Try the game... I did and now I have to wait for next week... hahaha

Another Good News for #pizzalovers

Order Online Dominos Pizza Promotion
There is an offer of 50% with every purchase of #pizza done via #online ONLY.
Promotion ends on 16th October 2015 

Visit their website at https://www.dominos.com.my/  and enter the Promotion Code AD62 at the right-hand side box, written Got Coupon? Enter the Code AD62 and press GO.

** offer of 50% is ONLY FOR ONLINE ORDER
** Code is allowed to be use over and again TILL promotion ends on the 16th October 2015.

Enjoy your meals folks!!!

I have done my order with Code AD62, check out mine....

Domino's for anyone

Classical Chicken

with Extra Cheese

Garlic Twisted Bread

Chocolate Lava Cake (recommended)

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