It's dinner time yess and its going to be satay huhu....

My oldtime favourite...

My family use to have ours in kajang and we had our own frequent place, like once every 3months visit but my late father use to love and mentioned a lot about majid satay. If I tried them before I wouldn't have guess which one because he would normally be bringing them back for us if we don't make the trip out to Kajang.

As we grew up, we only shop around for satay in kajang or anywhere else that was to our tastebuds. When I found this, I told myself ok a new place to try... goodie (devils torn out haha) as I was searching through their FB, founded that they were originally from Majid Satay.. ahha.. there you are... (beaming smiling cunningly) hahaha now it has been my 3rd visit to their stall in  Jalan Kolam Ayer Lama (Opposite 7-11), Ampang Jaya.

1st generation    Majid Satay 'Raja Satay - King of Satay 1960's
2nd generation   Ismail Satay (son)
3rd generation    Zaini Satay (grandson) 
                             handled by Hj Mohd Zaini b Ismail and 
                             wife Harinson Ahmad (kak cun)
                             pak zaini and kak cun are the most warmest and 
                             friendliest couple Ive met 

Pak Zaini doing his thing... yeayyyy bakar satay

It is not easy when you need to stand in front of this..

While having my dinner I was able to chat with kak cun dan pak zaini, they were in the midst of preparing an order for a customer who was requesting it done fast, and all the meat was not to have any fats in it... and in a big no. more than 200 sticks oh gosh they took the effort to pick out those with no fats and some they had to pull out the fats just to complete the numbers... kak cun and pak zaini has never compromise with how they cook their satay (meat on skewers) as that is the method from Majid Satay itself but they tried their best as this particular customer was in a hurry. I felt sorry for them but they still did it smiling (owww my favourite couple)

This was mine... nice isn't it? drooling everytime I see this... hahaha the difference about this satay with others is the meat of course... others may use the normal meat but at Zaini Satay they use tenderloin all the time, its big and succulent. You can still have the juice and it's tender... the spice marinated was never less or more everytime I had mine. They don't over burned nor under cooked them. Just nice and to top with the best peanut sauce ever... it's just heaven to those who loves satay. My son takes it without the sauce... he said its nicer that way...

They have several types of satay chicken, beef, lamb, to name a few but my favourite would be the small intestine (perut) there is no smell nor funny taste to it. It's clean thoroughly and I'm very fussy about taking intestine satay. My son loves their Rice Cake (nasi impit) which is soft and it's not dried up like some. 

Their service time? Fast if there is not much customer to handle but even if they have many, the order will be on table at a short time but to have such good food, it's worth the wait and money. Their price? slightly higher above RM0.90 per stick (depending on the type of satay) but its worth every penny. Try them you will not regret every minute of it.

You can actually order and have it pick up later.. I did it once just to try their services and it was drop pay and off I went. Call this number for ampang or 013-3221617 for bangi.

It's seldom that we find business running down from generation lasting till the 3rd generation but it's proud to see one such as this. They do it with such warm, they greet their customer with a smile, they talk to us like family, but what I saw was passion, n their love to do this to prepare a simple meal but with love for their customers. I believe that is their winning ingredient... they did it genuinely.. luv their satays, luv zaini satay and I luv the sweet couple (smiling)

Check out their website if you wish to read about them. But still drop by to their outlets and have your bite... :)

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