Was Invited as Media to cover the opening ceremony of MYDIN Wholesale Hypermarket Semenyih, Selangor. It's their 14th hypermarket in Peninsular Malaysia.

So with this one, MYDIN has a total of 14 hypermarkets (which is located in MYDIN Mall). I was told that nationwide MYDIN has 90 outlets, besides the hypermarkets, 16 emporiums, 3 bazaars, 48 minimarkets (MyMydin, seen them before?), 8 convenience shops (MyMart, something similar to 7-eleven) and 6 franchise (Mydin Mart, business opportunity? It's franchise..)

Semenyih??? hahaha ok me and another blogger, good friend sharina, decided to use our android GPS for assistance. Lucky thing my partner blogger knew the road, as she said, 'I think I've been here!' hahaha ok but GPS very handy.

Signboard was not difficult to find, you can find some directing us to the exact location. I was like a hawk looking for the building. I find that easier to locate. Located in Taman Anggerik Perdana and next to Bandar Technology Kajang, MYDIN Semenyih is accessible from Lekas, Silk Highway and Grand Saga Cheras-Kajang.

First impression, cool they have ample parking space. That is so convenient for patrons. Loved getting under the covered parking (who doesn't). It is build separately, a Mall and a Hypermarket, that provides almost everything that a customer need from non-food items to food items. Saw an apartment across the road.... ok folks whoever is living there, you are so lucky. You just cross over. Negative side of it, everyday is shopping day (in MYDIN) hahaaha...

After registering over at the Media table, it was picture taking. Officiated by En Mydin Mohamed, founder of MYDIN, the ceremony was done brief and short.

Finally, I get to meet the whole clan of MYDIN's (that is what I call them). The history itself is what makes me call them that. I've never met En Mydin Mohamed but seeing him in person up close, in his condition, but still strong, I have an utmost respect.

He started as a hawker in 1940 in Penang, selling merchandise and toys. 1957 he moved to Kelantan where he set up his first shop. Then he only had a bicycle to transport his goods and times he had to travel by bus to make deliveries. The good old days... 

Seeing him today, I was imagining him working hard then. I bet you if I had the opportunity to sit in front of him and ask him how things was back then, he would be sharing wonderful experience. It was only after  20 years, 1979, that Tuan Murad Ali started a branch in Terengganu. 1989 , MYDIN opened it's 3rd branch in Jalan Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur. Only then did Dato Ameer Ali, the prodigal son return. Did you know that Dato Ameer was never interest in the family business back then, he was more into the banking industry. But finally he relented and personally spearheaded the 3rd branch till today as MYDIN grow. 

It was written somewhere, it was quoted that he never regretted the decision to leave the banking industry and expand the family's business. Ok back to the opening... before I start having 'commercial breaks' in between.. as usual hahaha....

When we say MYDIN, what is the first thing that come into our mind?
Halal? Various ethnic staff? Cheap? 
hahaha... all the above folks.

So it's now visiting the hypermarket itself and let me share with you the experience. (may vary from different point of view of each patrons.. so please don't 'blast' me with words if its not the same hahaha). Since it's the opening, you get to see lots of bargains. Me being a woman, it was the wet food department. 

I uploaded several photos here but the full set you can find them on my FB Page Qasehsu, especially for those who would love to see more photos. It's still new as I started it just for the sake of putting up more photos. (I got to get a bigger space on my blog for photos). A friend of mine told me, kak take lots of pictures..hahaha lots? ok I went clicking on my note until battery when 0.. 

I was able to get some items for home as well (while I am here). Quite cheap. I love it when they pack lots and we pay cheap.. kiasu right? Then shopping would be worth every ringgit. Ok the last trip will be to look around the Mall after Mydin. The utilities here in the building is complete. I wanted to test it out... note up, taking photo of the entrance to the toilet.... someone make a remark, that lady is taking photo of the toilet signboard... haha.. if only you knew why.  They have Nasi Kandar Padang Kota, anyone for nasi kandar? You can also find Aroma kitchen.  Besides the free parking, you can get free wheelchairs and baby strollers, baby changing room, and others. Check out more photos below... 

Enjoy boardwoking folks... till the next entry see ya


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