MAIWP an agency that is known or unknown to some of us. But still some is unaware of what they do actually. The first that I known about MAIWP was about 5 years ago when I went into the life of a single parent. Back then many issues arised from the wrong assistance is going to the wrong recipient. From MAIWP being bias about who they assisted and many more.

As years passed, I watch and finally got the chance to actually watch them at work up close. I mean really close. For an agency that I didn't really understood how they function it was an eye opening. MAIWP itself is the main organisation and under them they have Pusat Pungutan Zakat (PPZ WP) and Baitulmal MAIWP. Both has different function.

PPZ WP is incharged of collection zakat where else 
Baitulmal MAIWP disemburse them out to the selected and approved recipients

Unlike Lembaga Zakat Selangor they handle both 

MAIWP headed by newly elected CEO Dato Hj Zainal Abidin b. Jaafar. Under his leadership, MAIWP has made many changes and improved on their image. A change that was truly needed with all the negative feedbacks that was said about MAIWP especially for PPZ and Baitulmal. 

A new more systematic work flow on processes, with interview dates being push up faster than before, the forms from many ply's has become just 1 piece, the hassle of getting so many signatures is now down to only the applicants with supporting documents, much friendlier frontliners staff. All this changes was made from the moment CEO Dato Hj Zainal Abidin b, Jaafar step in with the assistance of newly appointed Baitulmal Manager Ust. Mohd Nizam b. Hj Yahya. 

It was not easy I believe for them to make the changes and educate the public as well but it has been a long way for them to just stay with the old systems. The new image with the improved services has at least improved the negativity feedback from the public on what they were supposed to be doing all this years.

Congratulations MAIWP for making it through and improving as time goes by. Helping those in need whenever possible. Want to know more about what other improvement they had that was another help in their quest in helping to assist those in need? Stay tune.. more to come

Meanwhile check out their website

You can download the new application form, with information on the appropriate documents needed to attached together.  
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