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I am part of several NGOs, being a person who is involved actively, my heart will always bleed for those who are not being help accordingly. Dealing with orphans, single parents, less fortunate families and homeless, it has been one question,

Why are they not being help?
Where are the agencies that is supposed to help?

Many a times I will see suddenly its all over the printed and online media, how this and that agency is not doing what they are supposed to do. How this people are not being help. 

I have done my share of assistance through my contacts, the agencies that I know have done every necessary programmes to help, the JPW they are every year continuing providing skilled program from April - Oct and hundreds are being trained. You can find several other agencies that are doing the same thing. They are many but yet one questions that everyone seem to forget to ask, are those beneficiery using it to their utmost advantage?

A very good example, homeless. A questions, have any of us took the time to actually stay up till wee of the morning and roam the streets of KL to just sit down and talk the homeless that is increasing in numbers. Push aside the political views but put in your human cap and ask yourself have you? You will be suprised at what answer you get. Reality check some homeless dont trust us, some choose to live this way, some even runaway the moment they see you.

Baitulmal MAIWP had actually started their own team called 'SKUAD JEJAK ASNAF' and every once a week this team would leave the comfort of their homes to go round to the streets of KL, mingling around and identify those who needs assistance. I have had the opportunity to monitor their movement on numerous occasion and brings me back to the issue of homeless all the time. 
Article from a local newpaper:-

This was brought to 'SKUAD JEJAK ASNAF' attention and immediately they visited the family with the very hope that they will do everything they can to assist. But unfortunately after putting the family in a temporary shelter with meals provided, the family decided to just leave without any message. I was following the progress myself, constance assisting with information of where can the family be placed. When the family leave, it was very very frustrated as all efforts was put in by Baitulmal MAIWP to assist but at last they left. If I could feel the frustration imagine the officers who was so worried about their well being? Till today there is no news of the family. I am sure SKUAD JEJAK ASNAF is looking out for them all the time.

And recently, another family was found by SKUAD JEJAK ASNAF on their weekly rounds. A new family, with a 3 month year old baby and 1 year old child. These officers has children of their own and to see a child slept in that condition, any father or mother will shed an unseen tear. I did. 

You can get more news and updates over from their FB: Baitulmal MAIWP which is frequently updated. 

We will always complaint, and accused for something that we do not understand. It would'nt hurt to find out and understand. These people are some of the those who actually did their best. They left their families in the middle of the night to roam around to find those in need. They have to deal with situation where at times these homeless don't wish to be help but in the same time be ridiculed. Where else we choose to stay home in bed, or choose to enjoy life outside to the movies, partying and all but in the same time we ridiculed them for being ignorant. 

Have we ourselves played the role they/volunteers hold now?
Have we ourselves do something to make a small change whether small or big?

Maybe taking charge and doing something about it instead of complaining would actually help us have a healthier heart and soul. 

It would not hurt to have an understanding. 
It would not hurt to help out. 

If they can, If I can, then you can also. 

PS: helping out with information is also helping out. Smiles folks and peace.

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