Nando's 1st outlet was on 29 June 1998 and currently located at Bangsar Village 1. When it first started, I remembered how it was always packed especially the outlet near Kotaraya. Now they have 50 outlets and Nando's is 15 years old.

And only after 15 years I step into one... hahaha that old huh... I went to the one in Aeon Alpha Angle and it's to break fast. Original plans was to have our break-fast (buka puasa) in Johnny's but it was packed with people so we turn into Nando's instead. It was 6.00pm still. Talk about being kiasu. 

Most of their dishes are served grilled.... and you can choose at how mild or strong your marination was going to be... you should try their ceasar salad. It is very filling.

And the sauces, since it was my first time into the restaurant, I was at lost at which sauce was the best to combine with so I decided to take every one sauce each.

But I like when we can actually refill the drinks, so we can actually drink till 'lembab' my version of bloated hahaa...

You can also get kids meal here so if you are out and about with family, dont fret if you are wondering you need to order one and try to finish it up with the kid hahaha... 

So for those who is still wondering how is the menu like... variety and you will be confused at which you which to order first..... how is the food... cooked steadily and the staff are trained well to serve you...and they will keep going back to just refill it up for you hahaha.... sauces... oh my sauces with a capital S seriously loving it... try it out folks.

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