31 March 2014

26 March 2014

13 March 2014

Anyone for takers? It's FREE

This is organised by a CSR team and I love their work. Give social entrepreneurship a different platform all together. More NGO's or CSR team out there should having creative ideas in expressing their passion. I believe these team has done it. From my experience in NGO work, it was a pleasure when I had an opportunity to collaborate with them in a project recently.

Kindness.my was founded by several young people whom I ve known closely before, Muhammad Kamarulazizi, one of them (check out his blog http://matasura.blogspot.com) He has that very different approach in dealing with matters especially pertaining to CSR and I believe this is on an agreeing note by all his volunteers.

Kindness.my has numbers of volunteers who is actively involved in all their CSR Programmes. They are constantly updating their FB wall with status of all current programmes, but one hit out the most to me is the Feed the Homeless Project. They do it every 2 weeks, twice a month, without fail. 

You can actually check out their various projects here FB Source:  https://www.facebook.com/Kindness.my  

They have expanded their team up north, south and the east as well. Who said the youth of today are not that concern? There are still hope for them if we know how to tackle them.... haha someone said this to me some time ago.. 

Anyway congratulation folks for the new FREE Mask Project. Have more creative ideas. 

The little smiles you bring to others is your achievement and its priceless. 


12 March 2014


hahahaha... again I am not a drama person especially those that runs a full hundreds and hundreds of episode.. ohhh god seriously? that would be my sceptical remark but nevertheless I would applaud the producers for writing up a full long dialogue for a 300 episode drama of the above.. 

This just starting airing in Msia TV3 at 3pm. Now you would want to see a handsome hero as the lead role (dreaming of LMH.. oh gosh) back to earth folks.. but this is one particular character that I say he is not your typical handsome hero but his firm no nonsense demeanour is what attracts people to the screen, contrast to the heroine who is a happy go lucky girl who is positive about almost everything.. almost I say.

It was written everywhere promoting it as the Fairytale wedding and they had a magazine issued out as well.. oh my.. a magazine issued out just from a drama? there I go again. 

See what I mean... hahaha

This is the very link I had in my search to see what is all the buzz in town about..


You need a good internet connection to watch it, if you are the die-hard fan of dramas such as this. Ok now, I know why it was a hit, with the long list of episode, its actually a story that holds dearly in everyone who watches this. Quote: If only I had this relationship.. 

hahaha we do have to admit not all will have this same love romantic comedy life as acted out here but it wouldn't hurt to dream about it.. so as long as you don't forget your daily chores folks.. its quite addictive actually. It's like you would want to see what is going on in the next episode. And the on-going promotion of how fairytale the wedding was going to be was also the push into having people glued to the TV for each episode. 

I was suprised that I was smiling watching this and I was going through the episodes each one of them.. me?? hahaha ok life changes everyday. haaahh.. jodi sta maria and richard yap you won me over this time only. 

So folks if you are the die-hard drama type, if you are a hopeless romantic streak at heart, if you are into dreaming of the fairytale wedding for yourself, if you are the type who wishes your relationship was this romantic, then burn out like a zombie watching this hahahaa... have fun folks. It's worth all the 300 episodes.

Good job Jodi Sta Maria and Richard Yap for bringing to life the character and making it a dream for everyone else... 

Happy watching.

8 March 2014