31 March 2014

26 March 2014

13 March 2014

Jom Ke Baitulmal - Jumpa Lagi

Jumpa lagi... hahaha jumpa banner ni tadi. Termenung jap tengok... 

Impressivelah kerana dulu-dulu Baitulmal MAIWP kurang sikit promosinya. Ada tu ada tetapi tidaklah informatif seperti yang ini.

Bagus juga buat macam ini, komuniti sekeliling yang tidak tahu akan tahu. Bukan semua rumah ada internet, bukan semua orang tau berinternet juga. Salah satu langkah untuk mendekati komuniti untuk lebih peka. 

Yang nampak ini kat masjid. Waktu solat yang lalu lalang akan baca atau pandang sahaja. Sikap manusia yang biasa. Tetapi sekurangnya ianya ditangkap foto dalam ingatan kita.. oh ye saya pernah nampak pasal Baitulmal MAIWP. Tetapi tumpuan orang ramai akan ke masjid, masuk solat lepas tu masing-masing kejar keluar. 

Harap-harap mereka naikkan lagi di tempat lain terutama kawasan sekolah kerana ini adalah kawasan dimana lebih ramai orang akan bertumpu terutama waktu ambil anak-anak. Masing-masing tunggu dalam 15minit sebelum sekolah tamat. Letak tempat strategik mereka akan termenung pandang dan baca... nak habiskan waktu menunggu katakan.. 

hahaha dari ibubapa bergosip baik baca banner ni dapatlah juga wawarkan kepada orang lain... saya suka konsep 'word of mouth'. Itu adalah kaedah yang amat amat berkesan dalam khidmat pelanggan dan promosi.

Satu lagi langkah Baitulmal MAIWP yang nampaknya sudah mara kehadapan.. 
Facebook ada
Team promosi ada
Twitter ada tak? hahaha
Online registration bagus juga kalau ada... huhu 

Tahniah Baitulmal MAIWP kerana telah mendengar keluhan mereka yang diluar tentang kurangnya informasi mengenai skim-skim yang ditawarkan, mengenai keluhan mereka yang pegawai tidak bekerja langsung dan hanya duduk dalam ofis sejuk aje... 

Nak pasang banner bukan senang ye nak kena cari tempat orang nak betul-betul baca, dan gantung tak boleh sebarang gantung jap lagi DBKL cabut buang....mau berpeluh juga ye... hahaha  (saya pernah buat asyik dok jatuh sengget mau angin dibuatnya)

apa-apa pun keep it up folks...  pasti masyarakat akan menyokong anda insyaallah..amin

Kindness.my - Projek Topeng FREE MASK in KL
Anyone for takers? It's FREE

This is organised by a CSR team and I love their work. Give social entrepreneurship a different platform all together. More NGO's or CSR team out there should having creative ideas in expressing their passion. I believe these team has done it. From my experience in NGO work, it was a pleasure when I had an opportunity to collaborate with them in a project recently.

Kindness.my was founded by several young people whom I ve known closely before, Muhammad Kamarulazizi, one of them (check out his blog http://matasura.blogspot.com) He has that very different approach in dealing with matters especially pertaining to CSR and I believe this is on an agreeing note by all his volunteers.

Kindness.my has numbers of volunteers who is actively involved in all their CSR Programmes. They are constantly updating their FB wall with status of all current programmes, but one hit out the most to me is the Feed the Homeless Project. They do it every 2 weeks, twice a month, without fail. 

You can actually check out their various projects here FB Source:  https://www.facebook.com/Kindness.my  

They have expanded their team up north, south and the east as well. Who said the youth of today are not that concern? There are still hope for them if we know how to tackle them.... haha someone said this to me some time ago.. 

Anyway congratulation folks for the new FREE Mask Project. Have more creative ideas. 

The little smiles you bring to others is your achievement and its priceless. 


12 March 2014

Be Careful with My Heart - A fairytale Wedding

hahahaha... again I am not a drama person especially those that runs a full hundreds and hundreds of episode.. ohhh god seriously? that would be my sceptical remark but nevertheless I would applaud the producers for writing up a full long dialogue for a 300 episode drama of the above.. 

This just starting airing in Msia TV3 at 3pm. Now you would want to see a handsome hero as the lead role (dreaming of LMH.. oh gosh) back to earth folks.. but this is one particular character that I say he is not your typical handsome hero but his firm no nonsense demeanour is what attracts people to the screen, contrast to the heroine who is a happy go lucky girl who is positive about almost everything.. almost I say.

It was written everywhere promoting it as the Fairytale wedding and they had a magazine issued out as well.. oh my.. a magazine issued out just from a drama? there I go again. 

See what I mean... hahaha

This is the very link I had in my search to see what is all the buzz in town about..


You need a good internet connection to watch it, if you are the die-hard fan of dramas such as this. Ok now, I know why it was a hit, with the long list of episode, its actually a story that holds dearly in everyone who watches this. Quote: If only I had this relationship.. 

hahaha we do have to admit not all will have this same love romantic comedy life as acted out here but it wouldn't hurt to dream about it.. so as long as you don't forget your daily chores folks.. its quite addictive actually. It's like you would want to see what is going on in the next episode. And the on-going promotion of how fairytale the wedding was going to be was also the push into having people glued to the TV for each episode. 

I was suprised that I was smiling watching this and I was going through the episodes each one of them.. me?? hahaha ok life changes everyday. haaahh.. jodi sta maria and richard yap you won me over this time only. 

So folks if you are the die-hard drama type, if you are a hopeless romantic streak at heart, if you are into dreaming of the fairytale wedding for yourself, if you are the type who wishes your relationship was this romantic, then burn out like a zombie watching this hahahaa... have fun folks. It's worth all the 300 episodes.

Good job Jodi Sta Maria and Richard Yap for bringing to life the character and making it a dream for everyone else... 

Happy watching.

11 March 2014

Lee Min Ho - A man of many Talents n Super Gorgeous
I am so allowed to be human and at times go ga..ga.. over celebrities.

I am not a fan of korean dramas until I got myself hook on to - Faith The Great Doctor and LEE MIN HO the main character is of everything but nothing is the right person...

That pictures is my favourite maybe I should change my profile photo to that hahaha...

Anyway he is a young actor with many talents. Debutted to the acting scene on May 5 8 years ago, but later developed into being a singer (he is currently in Japan for a tour) and does his own stunts. he is 6feet 1inch. Couldnt find a stuntman at that height.

He lives with his dad, mom and sister. A shy person but to me I think he likes to flirt a lot with his fans just to keep them happy.. ha..ha.. the flirt part I can do without. 

Hope to see more of him in action... lets see what this year would be for him.

The cast of Faith The Great Doctor....

Pray for MH370 - Come back to Us

8th Mac 2014
A day that would be remembered by almost everyone around the world. Not just because it is MAS or it belongs to Malaysia but because of the baffling situation to how it become Pray for MH370.

I still remembered that day when everything went viral over the social media and TV. How it suddenly become a day of mix emotions of disbelieve, anger, sadness, confuse, curious not leaving the negativity as well.

Reporters running around trying to get unconfused themselves, trying to feed whatever information they could get in their hand to the public. Public with an outcry with the question what happened to MH370? Families confused and grieving over what happened? Government agencies trying to figure out what happened to all 239 passengers and crews. 

It has been day 4 and still no news. The incident itself has brought many people together as one to do what everyone does best pray. Pray that MH370 come back to them safely intact. Hopes for a miracle is what everyone is praying for. 

Speculations after accusation will not help those on board MH370 that I believe. Assisting everyone in finding them is what we should be doing. I cant comprehend how the immediate families feel right now but be strong folks. I am sure your love ones would want you to be that for them.

#prayformh370  we are with you wherever you are

8 March 2014

Skuad Jejak Asnaf Baitulmal - Skuad Jalanan (Versi BM)

Saya agak aktif dalam beberapa NGO, dan selalunya saya agak gusar apabila ada asnaf yang tidak dibantu sepatutnya. Mengurusi anak yatim, ibu/bapa tunggal, keluarga fakir miskin dan gelandangan, selalunya timbul satu persoalan,

kenapa mereka tidak dibantu?
Dimana badan-badan agensi yang sepatutnya boleh membantu?

Berulang kali saya temui artikel disuratkhabar atau online, bagaimana agensi-agensi ini tidak menjalankan tugas mereka seperti yang dijangka. 

Saya selalu juga menyalurkan bantuan melalui network yang ada, dan kebanyakan agensi yang saya kenali kerap menyalurkan bantuan melalui pelbagai program, contoh JPW seringkali setiap tahun menyediakan program kemahiran dari bulan april - oktober dan beratus telah dilatih. Banyak lagi agensi lain yang melakukan yang serupa. Ramai yang dibantu, tetapi satu soalan yang setiap orang lupa untuk bertanya, adakah mereka yang telah dibantu menggunapakai ilmu yang telah diberikan ke tahap yang akan memanfaatkan mereka dan keluarga?

Gelandangan sering menjadi isu yang panas.  Soalan:-

Pernahkah kita meluangkan masa untuk berjaga sehingga ke pagi subuh, untuk beberapa jam sahaja sebulan sekali, berjalan dicelah-celah bangunan kota KL, duduk dan bercakap dengan gelandangan ini yang semakin hari semakin bertambah. Tolak pegangan politik yang anda ada, sebaliknya keluarkan sikap kemanusiaan anda dan tanya pernahkan anda lakukan begitu? Anda akan terkejut dengan jawapan-jawapan yang anda akan dengari. Kebenarannya, kebanyakan gelandangan ini tidak mempercayai anda, ramai yang memilih cara hidup begini, ada juga yang memangnya bekerja tetapi memilih untuk hidup begitu, setengahnya pulak akan lari jauh sebaik melihat kelibat kita.

Baitulmal MAIWP baru sahaja menubuhkan skuad mereka sendiri, 'SKUAD JEJAK ASNAF' dan seminggu sekali, pegawai-pegawai didalam skuad ini akan meninggalkan keselesaan kediaman mereka dan keluarga untuk beberapa jam, besertakan borang baitulmal dan pen, menjalankan tugas diwaktu kita sedang tidur nyenyak. Berkenalan dengan warga gelandangan dan mengenal pasti mereka yang memerlukan bantuan. Saya mendapat peluang mengikuti perkembangan mereka dari semasa ke semasa daripada Pengurus Baitulmal Ust. Mohd Nizam b. Hj Yahya, dan sentiasa ianya akan kembali ke isu gelandangan.

Artikel dari suratkhabar tempatan:-

Isu ini telah dibawa ke perhatian 'SKUAD JEJAK ASNAF', dengan segera mereka menyiasat keadaan keluarga ini dengan harapan bahawa mereka dapat membantu sebaik mungkin. Malangnya selepas diberikan bantuan perlindungan sementara dan dibekalkan makan dan minum, sementara menunggu dibantu dengan bantuan kecemasan dari Pihak Baitulmal MAIWP, keluarga ini menghilangkan diri tanpa khabar berita. Saya sendiri mengikuti perkembangan mereka melalui pegawai Baitulmal MAIWP, dengan maklumat dimana mereka boleh ditempatkan sementara sehingga boleh mereka berdikari sendiri. Apabila saya dapat tahu, mereka hilangkan diri, perasaan frustration timbul. Bayangkan segala usaha telah dilakukan untuk mengurangkan beban mereka dengan ikhlas tetapi mereka pilih untuk tidak mahu menerimanya. Kalau saya yang sikit bantunya boleh frust, cuba bayangkan pegawai-pegawai yang telah bertungkus lumus ini, bagaimana perasaan mereka yang penuh dengan kerisauan akan keadaan mereka yang bersama anak-anak kecil. Sehingga hari ini masih tiada khabar berita mengenai keluarga ini. Saya pasti SKUAD JEJAK ASNAF meninjau juga sekali sekala jika jumpa kelibat mereka.

Ini pulak kes terbaru, keluarga yang baru dijumpai dijalanan juga oleh SKUAD JEJAK ASNAF dalam tugasan mereka yang seminggu sekali. Keluarga yang punya anak 3bulan dan 1tahun. Pegawai-pegawai Skuad ini juga punya keluarga sendiri dan untuk mereka melihat anak kecil ini tidur dalam keadaan sebegini, mana-mana ibu atau bapa akan sedih. Saya siap titiskan airmata.
Keluarga ini telah dibantu Baitulmal MAIWP untuk bantuan sewa rumah dan bulanan. Alhamdullillah. 

Ini adalah gambar sebahagian. Ada lagi di FB: Baitulmal MAIWP yang sentiasa aje dikemaskini. Layarilah FB mereka untuk maklumat lanjut. Kongsi juga pendapat dan pandangan anda disana, insyaallah mereka akan menjawab sebaik mungkin. 

Kita akan sentiasa merungut, menuduh mengenai sesuatu perkara yang kita sendiri tidak faham. Tidak rugi pun jika kita mengambil inisiatif untuk mencari maklumat dan memahami. Mereka adalah antara yang menjalankan tugas sebaiknya seperti agensi-agensi bantuan yang lain. Mereka perlu meninggalkan keluarga untuk beberapa jam untuk bertugas. Mencari mereka yang memerlukan. Ada waktu mereka harus mengurusi gelandangan yang tidak mahu dibantu tetapi dalam waktu yang sama dicerca pelbagai hanya kerana kita yang tidak sendiri turun padang dan melihat sendiri keadaan sebenarnya.

Kita memilih untuk duduk dirumah, atau kadang keluar bersukaria tetapi kita mencerca mereka kerana sikap tidak ambil peduli kita sendiri.

Pernahkah kita sendiri secara sukarela menjalankan tugasan sukarela yang mereka ini lakukan?
Pernahkah kita cuba untuk membawa perubahan samada kecil atau besar buat mereka yang memerlukan?

Mungkin kita patut lebih bersyukur yang kita lebih bernasib baik dari orang lain. Tetapi dalam waktu yang sama, kita juga boleh menyumbang dari segi maklumat, pandangan dan tenaga dari kita merungut untuk sesuatu yang kita sendiri tidak mahu ambil bahagian. Amalan yang kecil adalah makanan untuk jiwa kita.

Tidak rugi untuk memahami
Tidak rugi untuk membantu dalam apa juga bentuk

Jika mereka ini boleh, Jika saya boleh, maka anda pun boleh.

PS: mereka amat memerlukan maklumat untuk asnaf, jom kita bantu dengan menyalurkan maklumat pada mereka yang betul. Senyum selalu warga KL and salam buat semua.
Skuad Jejak Asnaf Baitulmal MAIWP - Eyes of streets, for the homeless

Source FB:  https://www.facebook.com/baitulmal.wp

I am part of several NGOs, being a person who is involved actively, my heart will always bleed for those who are not being help accordingly. Dealing with orphans, single parents, less fortunate families and homeless, it has been one question,

Why are they not being help?
Where are the agencies that is supposed to help?

Many a times I will see suddenly its all over the printed and online media, how this and that agency is not doing what they are supposed to do. How this people are not being help. 

I have done my share of assistance through my contacts, the agencies that I know have done every necessary programmes to help, the JPW they are every year continuing providing skilled program from April - Oct and hundreds are being trained. You can find several other agencies that are doing the same thing. They are many but yet one questions that everyone seem to forget to ask, are those beneficiery using it to their utmost advantage?

A very good example, homeless. A questions, have any of us took the time to actually stay up till wee of the morning and roam the streets of KL to just sit down and talk the homeless that is increasing in numbers. Push aside the political views but put in your human cap and ask yourself have you? You will be suprised at what answer you get. Reality check some homeless dont trust us, some choose to live this way, some even runaway the moment they see you.

Baitulmal MAIWP had actually started their own team called 'SKUAD JEJAK ASNAF' and every once a week this team would leave the comfort of their homes to go round to the streets of KL, mingling around and identify those who needs assistance. I have had the opportunity to monitor their movement on numerous occasion and brings me back to the issue of homeless all the time. 
Article from a local newpaper:-

This was brought to 'SKUAD JEJAK ASNAF' attention and immediately they visited the family with the very hope that they will do everything they can to assist. But unfortunately after putting the family in a temporary shelter with meals provided, the family decided to just leave without any message. I was following the progress myself, constance assisting with information of where can the family be placed. When the family leave, it was very very frustrated as all efforts was put in by Baitulmal MAIWP to assist but at last they left. If I could feel the frustration imagine the officers who was so worried about their well being? Till today there is no news of the family. I am sure SKUAD JEJAK ASNAF is looking out for them all the time.

And recently, another family was found by SKUAD JEJAK ASNAF on their weekly rounds. A new family, with a 3 month year old baby and 1 year old child. These officers has children of their own and to see a child slept in that condition, any father or mother will shed an unseen tear. I did. 

You can get more news and updates over from their FB: Baitulmal MAIWP which is frequently updated. 

We will always complaint, and accused for something that we do not understand. It would'nt hurt to find out and understand. These people are some of the those who actually did their best. They left their families in the middle of the night to roam around to find those in need. They have to deal with situation where at times these homeless don't wish to be help but in the same time be ridiculed. Where else we choose to stay home in bed, or choose to enjoy life outside to the movies, partying and all but in the same time we ridiculed them for being ignorant. 

Have we ourselves played the role they/volunteers hold now?
Have we ourselves do something to make a small change whether small or big?

Maybe taking charge and doing something about it instead of complaining would actually help us have a healthier heart and soul. 

It would not hurt to have an understanding. 
It would not hurt to help out. 

If they can, If I can, then you can also. 

PS: helping out with information is also helping out. Smiles folks and peace.