24 November 2013


Nando's 1st outlet was on 29 June 1998 and currently located at Bangsar Village 1. When it first started, I remembered how it was always packed especially the outlet near Kotaraya. Now they have 50 outlets and Nando's is 15 years old.

And only after 15 years I step into one... hahaha that old huh... I went to the one in Aeon Alpha Angle and it's to break fast. Original plans was to have our break-fast (buka puasa) in Johnny's but it was packed with people so we turn into Nando's instead. It was 6.00pm still. Talk about being kiasu. 

Most of their dishes are served grilled.... and you can choose at how mild or strong your marination was going to be... you should try their ceasar salad. It is very filling.

And the sauces, since it was my first time into the restaurant, I was at lost at which sauce was the best to combine with so I decided to take every one sauce each.

But I like when we can actually refill the drinks, so we can actually drink till 'lembab' my version of bloated hahaa...

You can also get kids meal here so if you are out and about with family, dont fret if you are wondering you need to order one and try to finish it up with the kid hahaha... 

So for those who is still wondering how is the menu like... variety and you will be confused at which you which to order first..... how is the food... cooked steadily and the staff are trained well to serve you...and they will keep going back to just refill it up for you hahaha.... sauces... oh my sauces with a capital S seriously loving it... try it out folks.

You can get to see more photos on Nando's from 

6 November 2013

As I mentioned I love to eat and this one of my favourite place to indulge in something lavish but cheap.

They were the very first grilled burger (burger bakar) and when you tried theirs, there is nothing that you will not love about MJB (in short).

The most to die for is their killer ribs.. and cheap. The grilled burger is done to perfection, with it juice and flavour all deep inside.. the bite of taste will last you till the next morning.

Owned by husband and wife team Molly and Mustafa Jones, Malaysian and American born, they are my favourite couple. They especially molly knows everyone of her customer, that is what I call a family restaurant and when the shop owner knows you, you feel important. 

Service, Food, Customer oriented I rate top of my list. Are they going to be your top list? Try them out.  https://www.facebook.com/mustafajones.burger

The original grilled burger in Malaysia before it bloomed a whole lot of other grilled burger
The Chef Himself



3 November 2013

Started taking more on vegetarian menus nowadays and the best would be having the ready made pack salad by Genting Garden. 

They even packed it up with its sauces. They have several different salad to go with the various sauces. 

Very convenient for those busy with work, those is on diet. 
As for me its convenient when you just want something light and beats preparing everything. Just take it out and enjoy it.

Mine is purchased at Carrefour Wangsa Maju but you can actually find them via tesco online shop as well. 

2 November 2013

One of the most sort out desert in msia currently.

At the beginning when this started I was not into the crepe desert thingy until I started seeing my friends updating their fb on how they were enjoying theirs.

Mine I had my 1st one bought in mid valley at a small kiosk @sumptuous desserts. It was to die for. Now I realised what all the fuss was about.

Tonight I just had one, an enormous filling of whip cream, the king of fruits durian was a good portion, the crepe is of fine texture and thinly pan-fry, its not oily it just look like one and its done with love by a single mother. Try it out she is taking in orders actually. Pn Hazizah 019-2639814

Custom jewellery - KK Crystal GM Plaza
The word of the day, 'is this really you?'


Because those who knows me am not aware that I actually doing my own handmade jewellery (bracelets, pandoras, shawl pins, prayer beads, hotpress tshirt and etc) hahaha surprise surprise

They didn't expect me to be the type to actually have patience to do all this crafty items. Thank you for the compliment my friends hahaha.

To me its not about making money but it's something I like to see those buying my handmade items appreciating them by saying its cute I'll buy them. That is motivation enough.

Anyway to purchase raw materials no.1 is the pricing provided by suppliers. Down in GM PLAZA KL you will find several beads shop but the one on the 1st floor is reasonably cheap - KK Crystal. Check it out. Will update on another shop which is so much cheaper.

Everyday self laundry setapak
The most recent trend in washing... me doing self-laundry. Staying in setapak area I can find several bloom like mushroom self laundry outlets area here.

1.  Family self laundry Taman Sri Rampai
  •      Newly opened very quiet area suitable for those who don't wish to queue long
  •      Has a toilet 
  •      Coin vending machine 
  •      Soap vending machine
  •      The machine is somewhat without enough notice to indicate which is dryer and            washer and the buttons involved. Need to be careful when it comes to instructions.

2.  Everyday self laundry Taman Danau Kota, opposite of PV15 apartments (my favourite)
  •       Machine is installed with soap and softener
  •       No toilet
  •       Coin vending machine
  •       Here convenience will be there is 24hour shop for a neighbour.                                     (normally this is where I hang out while waiting for laundry to complete)