Custom jewellery - KK Crystal GM Plaza

The word of the day, 'is this really you?'


Because those who knows me am not aware that I actually doing my own handmade jewellery (bracelets, pandoras, shawl pins, prayer beads, hotpress tshirt and etc) hahaha surprise surprise

They didn't expect me to be the type to actually have patience to do all this crafty items. Thank you for the compliment my friends hahaha.

To me its not about making money but it's something I like to see those buying my handmade items appreciating them by saying its cute I'll buy them. That is motivation enough.

Anyway to purchase raw materials no.1 is the pricing provided by suppliers. Down in GM PLAZA KL you will find several beads shop but the one on the 1st floor is reasonably cheap - KK Crystal. Check it out. Will update on another shop which is so much cheaper.

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