Everyday self laundry setapak

The most recent trend in washing... me doing self-laundry. Staying in setapak area I can find several bloom like mushroom self laundry outlets area here.

1.  Family self laundry Taman Sri Rampai
  •      Newly opened very quiet area suitable for those who don't wish to queue long
  •      Has a toilet 
  •      Coin vending machine 
  •      Soap vending machine
  •      The machine is somewhat without enough notice to indicate which is dryer and            washer and the buttons involved. Need to be careful when it comes to instructions.

2.  Everyday self laundry Taman Danau Kota, opposite of PV15 apartments (my favourite)
  •       Machine is installed with soap and softener
  •       No toilet
  •       Coin vending machine
  •       Here convenience will be there is 24hour shop for a neighbour.                                     (normally this is where I hang out while waiting for laundry to complete)

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