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HONOR a leading smartphone brand, has teamed up with luxury Italian fashion house Moschino to launch HONOR 20 Moschino Edition, along with a series of co-designed smartphone accessories, adding a fashion twist to HONOR’s latest cutting-edge smartphone series.

Continuing the partnership launched at the beginning of this year, HONOR and Moschino today mark a new milestone in their relationship, to blend advanced technology and luxury fashion through the HONOR 20 Moschino Edition, which is designed for the progressive and tech-savvy youth community. HONOR never stops exploring new ways to push our boundaries in smartphone design to respond to the rapid change of trends, as well as to empower and celebrate our global youth community to express their independent and free spirit. Moschino, best known for its unconventional design and creation of iconic trends, shares the same vision with HONOR.

This time, both brands are bringing the partnership to the next level by not only co-designing the special edition HONOR 20 but also launching an exclusive range of accessories. The collaboration will feature a Moschino-designed UI theme, packaging, phone case and phone purse, appealing to the fashion sensibilities of the global youth. The rear of the HONOR 20 Moschino Edition and the range of accessories will come in an iconic black and gold shade, elevating the consumers’ style while still staying digitally-connected.

“This partnership is a natural fit for the two lifestyle brands since HONOR and Moschino adhere to the commitment of creating designs that best represent the global youth’s unique character and individuality. We are excited to team up with Moschino again to create aesthetically-striking tech accessories. Under the creative direction of Jeremy Scott, the Moschino Edition phone captures the essence of luxurious style and innovative technology which appeals to our trendy global fanbase,” said George Zhao, President of HONOR.

"For my designs at Moschino, I have played with the saying 'This is not a Moschino...' changing and replacing the noun to create a playful dialogue. So for HONOR, I wanted to give them a classic Moschino moment," expressed Jeremy Scott, Creative Director of Moschino.

“In fact, since its beginnings, Moschino has expressed a creative reality which transformed irony, fun and provocation into its strengths. ‘This is not a Moschino phone’ fits perfectly into the ironic and playful DNA of the brand and carries through the unique and unexpected style of Moschino.” he added. 
The exclusive HONOR 20 Moschino Edition will come to the market soon.  The phone is available in black with ‘This is not a Moschino phone’ in gold. Visit the MOSCHINO retail stores during late of June in London, Paris and Milan to take a closer look at HONOR 20 Moschino Edition. Please stay tuned for more Moschino retail stores phone display details on HONOR’s website and social media platforms.


HONOR is a leading smartphone e-brand. The brand was created to meet the needs of digital natives through internet-optimized products that offer superior user experiences, inspire action, foster creativity and empower the young to achieve their dreams. In doing this, HONOR has set itself apart by showcasing its own bravery to do things differently and to take the steps needed to usher in the latest technologies and innovations for its customers.

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Italian luxury brand Moschino was founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino and rose to the forefront of the international fashion scene through the ironic, tongue-in-cheek designs. In 2013, Jeremy Scott was appointed Creative Director and the brand hit a new high with his unexpected original designs that paid homage to Franco Moschino’s original concepts but were infused Scott’s unique vision and sartorial wit. The first collection created by the American designer has been presented of February 2014 on the occasion of Milano Moda Donna Fall-Winter 14-15.

Moschino S.p.A. is the owner of the Moschino brands. The company, which was a licensor of AEFFE S.p.A. since from the brand debut in 1983, was acquired by AEFFE S.p.A. in 1999.
The brand is now distributed in 86 countries and has boutiques in the most important fashion capitals of the world.

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