Mr Danny Lock explains to guests on how to be bold and creative with floral arrangement
On this festive month of Raya, SSF believes that home décor and Hari Raya go side-by-side. In the name of festivities, SSF invites all their customers and an open invitation to the public to join SSF for their SSF Raya Workshop Special, on May 19th, 2019, 2:00 -4:00 pm at their SSF’s Viva Shopping Mall outlet.

Mr Danny Lock demonstrates mix floral colors
SSF customers get to sit with the talented Mr Danny Lock, Visual Merchandising Art Director, SSF who garnered years of experience and expertise in bringing the artistry and inspiration behind all SSF outlets home décor and floral arrangement. Lock who has dedicated his time to demonstrate the value of interior design and its ability to be the focal point of gatherings. One of the SSF aims is to enable their customers to give their home a personal touch that would have a lasting impression on each and every guest.

As simple as flowers can drastically enhance the look of a room. Even if it just a small bunch of flowers in a vase, in the corner of a room, the aesthetics really bring some wholesomeness to the room. This is why flower decoration for any events is important, hence SSF share their SSF Raya Workshop Special with their customer as it is essential for the homemaker. To inspire them that this is not just as a hobby however as art with self-expressed creativity.

Prior to the month of Syawal, SSF caters this workshop to help their customers to prepare for Raya, which SSF will be presenting a series of celebratory events, Raikan Raya Bersama SSF, consisting of breakfast occasions from 20th May to 22nd June 2019 at selected SSF outlet and SSF Raya Workshop Special on 26th May at The Mines Mall.

SSF’s humble beginnings date back to a haberdashery in Kepong to a wholesale artificial flower business to the prosperous household name it is today. Going back to the roots, one of the topics for our Raya Workshop Special will be floral arrangement and design, an unending passion at SSF.


SSF boasts a chain of 37 outlets with over 800,000 sq. ft. of retail space and in turn we have grown to become a household name across Malaysia. SSF’s unique key point is in the individual showrooms within each outlet that showcase a blend of creative ideas on an interior design style. These carefully curated spaces allow customers to experience a first-hand aesthetically pleasing living spaces that in turn provide a wholesome source of inspiration for their very own home. SSF has over 30,000 products in 12 departments providing a wide range of home décor at an affordable price to cater to customer’s vision in creating their own version of Home Sweet Home.
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