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Over the years, numerous research has concluded that colours do indeed affect us. From boosting I.Q. to soothing nerves1, colours play an important role in influencing our day-to-day lives. As experts in the craft of making paints and coatings, AkzoNobel is eager to add colour to your world and has embarked on multiple projects over the years in and around Malaysia. Below are just some of the projects spearheaded by AkzoNobel, the global experts in colour and protection.
Located in Lake Gardens, Carcosa Seri Negara consists of two colonial mansions – the first known as Carcosa, the other Seri Negara.

Carcosa was built in 1897 as the official residence of the first British High Commissioner in Malaya. Designed by Arthur Benison (yes, the same person who conceptualised the Ipoh Railway Station), this mansion has a fusion of Neo-Gothic and Tudor Revival styles. Seri Negara, on the other hand, features a similar design and was opened in 1913 as the official guest house of Governor of the Straits Settlement.

In 1987, both buildings were acquired by the Malaysian government and repurposed into a luxurious heritage boutique hotel.

To preserve the outlook of these buildings, Dulux – AkzoNobel’s leading decorative paint – embarked on a journey to refurbish Carcosa Seri Negara in 2017. This is in line with AkzoNobel’s initiative to help transform communities and creating better lives.
Located in Melaka, the Stadthuys (which means Town Hall in Dutch) is an iconic landmark and is the oldest Dutch building in this part of the world. Built in 1650, the Stadthuys served as the official residence of the Dutch Governor and was widely used as a base of operations for administrative work.

At 368 years old, the building’s exterior would naturally have seen some wear and tear, which is why it has been repainted several times to maintain its distinctive red. The most recent effort is a 10-year restoration project by AkzoNobel that began in 2009. Thanks to this, the Stadthuys – which has been converted into a Museum of History and Ethnography – continues to stand tall today in all its red glory.

Fun fact: In addition to repainting the Stadthuys, AkzoNobel also sponsored the Dulux Weathershield paint that was used to create the largest wall mural along Sg. Melaka. The project titled “A Celebration of Our Heritage” was in collaboration with Kiehl’s andaimed at raising awareness on 5 of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in Malaysia.
In 2012, Duluxtook part in an event called KUL SIGN Festival a two-day festival in and around the Central Market area to create the longest graffiti in Malaysia. Throughout the event, Dulux sponsored the essential tools for the creation of the graffiti and mural using theDuluxWeathershield paint. The graffiti later made its way into the Malaysia Book of Records as the longest graffiti in Malaysia.

Fun fact: Approximately 200 local and foreign graffiti artists took part in this event to create the graffiti as well as other works of art during the festival. The festival served not only as a means to beautify the location, but as a testament to how paint and coatings can help preserve landmarks.
AkzoNobel offers more than just decorative paints. It is at the forefront of protective coatings and the leading name when it comes to aerospace coatings. One of the most iconic buildings that is protected by Interpon – a brand under AkzoNobel that specialises in powder coating – is the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, one of the many prides of Malaysians.

A unique dining experience at its core, the Plane in the City “restaurant” was created by repurposing an actual decommissioned Boeing 737 aircraft. As the official paint partner, AkzoNobel coated both the interior and exterior of the plane with its aerospace coatings to ensure that it was both presentable and safe for patrons.

Additionally, Dulux paints was used on the unique wall mural of the KL skyline which overlooks Jalan Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur.

Fun fact: More than 300 litres of aerospace coating was used to envelope the Boeing 737. AkzoNobel is the global leader in the manufacture, development and supply of coatings for commercial airlines.

Malaysia is truly a country that is rich in culture, heritage and tradition. All three elements can be associated with buildings, landmarks and even locations. Buildings, landmarks and locations, however, will succumb to weather. Fortunately, AkzoNobel is at the forefront of preservation efforts, ensuring that the colours of Malaysia continue to shine brightly.

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