Looking to look gorgeous and sexy this coming Aidil Fitri?
Want to look beautifully confident all the time? 

CLEODORA, a medium to high end range costume jewellery, launches their latest collection for the coming Aidil Fitri with theme 'Bling Bling Aidil Fitri'. It's one of their expansion plan for several big scale production project which involved countries such as Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam, Myammar, Australia and Qatar. 

The Managing Director of CLEODORA, Dato Sri Ratu said that she was determined and put her soul into every aspect of the CLEODORA's design and products. To her, it's not about the product, but it's all about arts and the image of confidence and proudness by those who decides to wear CLEODORA. She also expects that CLEODORA will be seek up by customers in the local costume jewellery industry, and will be a trend-setter for many. 

Their designs are very unique, sofisticated, beautiful shimmering stones that makes it look expensive but actually it is very affordable. 

CLEODORA uses quality White and Yellow Gold of 24k. The gold is adjustable, firm and with a dynamic designs, it's not suprising that one would feel proud and confident. 

The Yellow gold plated is long lasting, and will not be dull even though exposed to air, dust or heat. It may look exclusive and expensive but it's actually very affordable. 

It has become a trend and proven with successful business partners. 
CLEODORA also offers several very attractive business plans for those who wish to have the same success as others has. Their designs are up todate so it wouldn't be difficult to sell. 

CLEODORA Managing Director, Dato Sari is confident that every household will have one (1) not just because CLEODORA is very affordable but because of it's uniqueness, it brings out the personality of one who wears them. 
You can also visit their gallery as stated below:-

Suite 110 & 111, Tingkat 26, Menara Maxis, 
Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) 
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Contact person:  Pn Hani, Marketing Executive, 017-452 0144

You can also visit their Facebook link here or Website 

Founded by Dato Sri Ratu since 2011, initially CLEODORA was not a household name locally because of the less exposure in the social media and printed media. 

But however, in 2014, Dato Sri Ratu return with new designs of CLEODORA, with motive of flora and fauna, elegant and luxurious, became a hit. CLEODORA has set up several business scheme for those who is interested to obtain their collection, wholesale concept. 

CLEODORA is handmade by expects of costume jewellery from Italy and India, with years of experience in Fashion. With the high cost of making one, CLEODORA still manage to market it out with a price that affordable. 

But you will be able to find some designs that are inspired by Dato Sri Ratu herself. 

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