I love travelling and normally when I travel outstation, I would always have these following issue to dealt with...
  • bad mobile service connectivity where I travel
  • different charges of roaming from different mobile service provider
  • the high charges for calls and roaming data after my travel that is incurred
  • language can also be a barrier when we can't locate what we need as they do not understand me
  • and many others
Trendi Travel, Be Connected
Well, you will not be having those difficulties when you stay in Dorsett Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A partnership between Trendi Travel, Zuger International and Dorsett KL, is bound to bring a whole new experience when you travel abroad and communication is brought straight to you in your hotel room. 
Trendi, official launching
Mr Alvin Koh, Group CEO, Trendi Travel, Zuger International
Ms Christina, Area General Manager, Dorsett KL, Malaysia
Unlimited access to many things
Trendi Travel, is actually a smartphone with the latest cutting-edge technology aiming to provide superior travelling experiences, to the tourism and hospitality market, especially in Malaysia and Asia Pacific. 

It is also the world first fully integrated electronic travel concierge developed in Malaysia for the world. And Dorsett Kuala Lumpur is considered, the 'First Smartphone Hotel in Malaysia' and the first hotel brand in Malaysia to implement this technology. 

Trendi Travel

Imagine having a 'Smart Concierge' at your fingertips throughout the day, 24hours, 7days a week? Instead of calling downstairs, and waiting for the concierge to call back with info. I can actually do almost everything over the smartphone, anytime, anywhere with the country I am travelling in.  For a traveller like me, I would use it to the fullest. 

A smartphone Concierge provided free of charge, equipped with unlimited 3G connectivity, local calls and SMS. Please you get information on available eatery, banks, local places of interest, local and international news, grabcar services and many more. 

What more can I look forward to when I travel and I get these perks included in the room I am paying for? Exciting huh... There's more. 

Mobile Advertising
With its advanced patent pending IPPBX technology integrated with a best in class travel application, targeted mobile advertising and free smart phone usage, Mr. Alvin Koh, Group CEO of Trendi Travel, Zuger International, is confident that Trendi will develop the traveller's experience when exploring a new country, is set to form a new era of connectivity convenience and simplicity for travellers, hotels and retailers in Malaysia and across partner countries. 

Trendi Travel, in your room, Dorsett KL
So just in case you are travelling into Malaysia, get yourself check into Dorsett Kuala Lumpur, you may have these in your room. Dorsett Kuala Lumpur indicated that there are about 100 units now available in rooms on the corporate floors, which have been renovated to make the staying experiences of all guests a memorable one. 

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Tel:  03-7887 0098

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