Some may know them, some may not. But their tagline is quite a catch 'By everyone for everyone' by kindness.my. They are actually a social business (social entrepreneurship) company, a CSR Event Management company. 

I know a couple of the founder from Kindness.my personally through several CSR projects and they are strong believers in kindness and kindness.my was established solely dedicated to providing resources and tools that can encourage acts of kindness. I love the way they educate community around us to embrace that kindness can be in any form and way. 

Kindness Futsal Cup Tournament 2014 was organised mainly to just have fun and build networks between the volunteers and the less fortunate children from orphanage homes around KL and it's outskirts. 

Started about 2 years ago, when the numbers of participation were very small, it has grown to a larger number from several homes. Well done kindness.my for believing that it will be a great hit every year it is organised.



16 or more homes were invited and among them were:-


Rumah Darul Kifayah, Jalan Ipoh (MAIWP)
Asrama Darul Falah (ASDAF) Bukit Persekutuan
KL Krashpad (Yayasan Chow Kit)
MRA Community School, Cheras
Rumah Titian Kaseh, KL
Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Islam WP & Selangor


Badan Kebajikan Siti Khadijah (BKSK), Kota Damansara
Madrasah Hashimiah, Selayang
Rumah Perdana At-Taqwa, Puchong
Rumah Baitul Ehsan, Batu Caves
Madrasah Meru, Klang
Rumah Amal Asnaf Al-Barakh, Banting
Pertubuhan Kebajikan Ash Shakur, Rawang
Yayasan Ijabah, Subang
Purelife Society, Puchong


Rumah Arrayan, Seremban


They had winners as well:-

Friendly Game Player              

Best Player Finals                    

G - Suhana,   Krashpad       
B - Tenesh,    Siddhartan      

Fair Play                                   

G - Mra,         Baitul Ehsan                  
B  -                 Attaqwa

Most Promising Player

G - Norfahmi  RKH
B - Shah         Baitul Ehsan

Best Player

G - Syafina     Asdaf A
B - Norazlan   Darul Kifayah, MAIWP

It was very exciting to see this programme grow. I hope to see a bigger number of participation in 2015. kindness.my dont forget to bring me back as your volunteers and media.

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