KL Botanical Garden - unwinding

I love to travel and seen places of interest. 

Seen the Singapore zoo and the night safari. 

Went to Taiping zoo as well and the Taiping park.

Been to Penang botanical garden 

And now I am so here in KL Botanical Garden, a park that is manage by DBKL.

I must say it's well  taken care off.

The park is divided to several theme. Dinosaur park is mainly for the kids. 
There have the deer park among some and I like most is the herbs park where you can actually see the plants of some daily herbs you use in the kitchen. 

On Saturday and Sunday, they have this Heritage Park Shuttle Trams shuttling visitors in the between the park within the garden itself. They charge at a minimal price RM2 (adults) and RM1 (kids). At times they would drive down all the way to Masjid Negara and Dataran Merdeka if the visitors wishes to stop at those stops. It is so convenient. 

For a short break, it is a good place to go. The kids is going to love it.
For a good run to break down sweat, this is a different sight to be seeing. Breakdown those fats happily. 

Maybe this link can be of help http://www.klbotanicalgarden.gov.my/

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