Langkawi, an archipelago of 99 islands off the coast of Malaysia, is a haven for those seeking both natural beauty and tranquility.
In collaboration with Mr. Langkawi, your guide to the hidden gems of this tropical paradise, we present the top five healing places to explore on this enchanting island.

From luxurious residences to unique dining experiences and captivating adventures, Langkawi offers a holistic retreat for the mind, body, and soul.

1. The Ocean Residence

Welcome to The Ocean Residence, your perfect getaway on Langkawi Island, Malaysia. If you're seeking a tranquil and luxurious stay, you've found the right place.

Situated strategically between the lively town of Kuah and the popular Cenang Beach, The Ocean Residence Resort offers a boutique-style experience with a limited number of exclusive units. 

For those wanting to explore Kuah, it's just an 8-minute drive away, making it convenient for urban adventures. If the vibrant scene at Cenang Beach beckons, it's a leisurely 15 to 20-minute drive from the resort.

Safety is a top priority, and the resort boasts a robust security system for the protection of guests and property. Easily accessible from the main road, the resort serves as a convenient starting point for exploring Langkawi's attractions.

Although beach activities may be restricted, guests can still revel in breathtaking sea views from the comfort of the resort. The Ocean Residence is an ideal choice for those seeking a secluded yet accessible retreat in Langkawi's tropical paradise.

The Ocean Residence, Langkawi

The Ocean Residence, Langkawi

Inside the resort, cozy and fully furnished apartments await, catering to individuals, families, or larger groups. Some even choose this haven for special occasions like weddings or company retreats.

While breakfast service may be unavailable at the moment, fear not! Street-side stalls around the hotel offer tempting options. 

For a more relaxed experience, consider using food delivery services like GrabFood or Foodpanda. Pantai Cenang, with its array of restaurants and cafes, is also a great nearby option for diverse local and international dishes.

2. Khalishah Hill Villa

Khalishah Hill Villa is located in Kuah, Langkawi.  It is a 15-minute drive from Langkawi. Free self-parking is available on the property.

Outdoor pool

Some of the units come with a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a safety box, and a small kitchen for the guests' comfort. There's also a bathroom with a bidet and a shower.

It's got air conditioning to keep you comfy. Whip up snacks in the small kitchen equipped with a fridge and stove. You can also watch your favorite shows on the 32-inch TV that comes with satellite channels. 

Other amenities include a barbecue grill

3. Smiling Buffalo Cafe

The Smiling Buffalo Cafe is quite unique because it's owned by the landowner. Next to the Smiling Buffalo, there's Panji-Panji Tropical Wooden, which is a resort with not many rooms but a great aesthetic.

If you're ever in Langkawi on vacation, make sure to check out this cool cafe called Smiling Buffalo. It's in Kuala Cenang and it's not just a regular cafe – it's also like a cozy hotel for people who want some peace and quiet.

It's one of the most healing places to eat. You can even sit under a tree at the cafe. The place has a really unique style, a nice garden, and a chill vibe, so you'll feel super relaxed.

They serve Chicken Sandwich, Mozitos, Mango Pancake, and Coffee. Our favorites are the Big Breakfast – they're so good and really satisfying!

But everything else on the menu is tasty too, and the portions are big, so it's definitely worth it. Don't miss out on the chance to try the awesome food at Smiling Buffalo when you're in Langkawi!

4. Dangau Langkawi

If you're on the lookout for a simple yet delightful dining experience in Langkawi, Dangau Langkawi is the place to be. Set against the backdrop of lush paddy fields, this spot not only serves up delicious food but also lets you enjoy it in charming gazebos facing the beautiful village and mountains. 

Dangau Langkawi welcomes you with a laid-back vibe. The village feels the towering mountains, and the endless green fields create a peaceful setting. The gazebos, strategically placed for the best views, add a nice touch to the whole dining affair.

One thing I love about Dangau is its straightforward ordering process. Head to the counter, place your order and then pay. It's a casual setup that adds to the charm of the place. As you pay, you can't help but get excited about the feast that's about to arrive.

The menu is a showcase of local flavors done just right. Watching your food being cooked right in front of you adds a cool, immediate feel to the experience.

What impressed me most was how all the dishes arrived hot and ready to be enjoyed. Despite coming out almost at the same time, everything was perfectly cooked and maintained that delightful warmth. It's a small detail that makes a big difference.

5. Warung Upih Ikan Bakar Seafood

Warung Upih Ikan Bakar Seafood is located on Pantai Cenang, close to Khalisah Villa. It has indoor and outdoor dining. 

The location of the restaurant is right on the beach and this is one of the main attractions of the restaurant. It's a great place for relaxation, especially during sunset. 

At this restaurant, you can pick fresh fish, crabs, or prawns, and tell them how you want it cooked. 

Foods was delicious and there were enough choices of fresh kinds of seafood can be selected. Prices are quite reasonable and we had our food served less than 15 minutes.

6. Seasplash Sunset Cruise

One of the healing spots in Langkawi is Seasplash Sunset Cruise. It's among the first sunset cruises in Langkawi that are halal and don't overcrowd the boat. You can also combine it with accommodation packages.

If you are looking for a good sunset cruise dinner in Langkawi, would recommend Seasplash. One of the most exciting cruises available.

A very clean and comfortable boat with clean cabins and toilets. A great view of the sunset with lots of activities available. Food is halal and if you wish for non-alcohol this one cruise you do not have to worry it doesn't serve it.

Restoran Selera Kampung

Additionally, if you've already explored other places, you should check out Selera Kampung Restaurant for a unique experience.

This place is highly recommended because they serve "Kerabu Bronok" every day. It's a special dish loved by the people of Langkawi, but since bronok is seasonal, it's not always on the menu. 

So, when you're in Langkawi, make sure to try this exotic dish if it's available.

Moreover, the restaurant is known for offering feast-style dishes daily. If you're in the mood for a hearty meal, this place is the perfect choice. On top of that, they have a variety of rare local salads to try.

The restaurant is roomy with plenty of seating, although it got a bit warm in the afternoon. What made it interesting was the live karaoke session happening while we enjoyed our meal. 

8. Dream Forest

Dream Forest Langkawi is a cool night adventure in Langkawi, Malaysia. It's a 1.2 km trail through the rainforest where you can see local myths and legends come alive using cool technology, lights, and awesome sound.

Sang Kelembai is like the storyteller boss of Dream Forest. Her roots and seeds spread all over the forest, keeping travelers safe on the night trail while they get lost in her amazing tales.

You can dive into legends like:
  • The tale of Princess Dayang Bunting, a super-sized princess who was pregnant for 7 years.
  • The story of Tun Teja, a gorgeous princess kidnapped by the Giants of Langkawi.
  • The story of Merong Mahawangsa, the big deal who started Langkawi.
Dream Forest Langkawi is the spot to feel the magic of Langkawi's rainforest and soak up some local culture and history.

From the second I walked into this amazing place, I was hooked by the special idea and the cool story it tells. Bringing kids here is a total blast because they get to dive into a world full of magic and fun.

9. TS Chocolate Shop

Craving delicious chocolates without breaking the bank? Look no further than the cheapest TS Duty Free Shop Baru Ara - Chocolate Shop in Langkawi! This amazing chocolate store is a paradise of choices. 

The staff is not just great but also super friendly, making your chocolate shopping experience in Langkawi one of the best.

I personally loved the chocolates there, and the prices were totally reasonable. A solid 10/10 recommendation from me! The owner, incredibly humble and nice, even treated us to free testers.

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