15th June 2022, Lexis Hibiscus
: The OCEAN'S BEACH CLEAN-UP was successfully organised for the second year in a row at LEXIS HIBISCUS, PORT DICKSON, in the two months prior to KL Fashion Week 2022 by HATTA DOLMAT and OCEAN HERO CONSERVATION.

The purpose of this year's event, which took place at LEXIS HIBISCUS, PORT DICKSON, was to raise awareness and educate Malaysians—particularly those working in the fashion industry—about the value of recycling plastics into fabric, the terrible effects of plastic pollution, particularly on marine life, and the preservation of a sustainable ecosystem and ecotourism. In accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 14 Life Below Water, and SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, this admirable endeavour was carried out in partnership with organisations like Tourism Malaysia, Kementerian Alam Sekitar dan Air (KASA), Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation, MISS UNIVERSE MALAYSIA ORGANISATIONLEXIS HIBISCUS PORT DICKSON, Us For Ocean, KLOTH Cares, QR FALAH, La Liga Youth Tournament, and Ocean Hero Advocates.

The involved organisations, including the MISS UNIVERSE MALAYSIA 2022 finalists, also carried out a plastic waste audit and gathered information on the different forms of plastic discovered on beaches. The purpose of the event was to draw attention to corporate responsibility and HATTA DOLMAT's efforts to reduce, recycle, and turn plastic waste into cloth.

Hatta Dolmat, Director of Hatta Dolmat Design said: 
“On land and in oceans, we find alarming amounts of plastic in the environment. Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing issues in Malaysia, affecting people and wildlife. It’s heartbreaking to see animals dying, particularly endangered marine species choking to death because of plastic. Clearly, something must change and the most viable solution is to stop producing plastic at the source.”

Shirene Moong, Founder of Ocean Hero Conservation said: 
“In our country, we normally see a ton of trash on our shores, mostly water bottles. Some are washed ashore, while others are left here by tourists which is problematic as it impacts the marine and the beach. Through our initiatives, we aim to reduce plastic pollution by generating fabric out of the plastic waste collected”.

People are becoming increasingly conscious of the problem of plastic pollution and wish to help. To collect plastic garbage and turn it into fabric for the KL FASHION WEEK 2022HATTA DOLMAT, Ocean Hero Conservation, MISS UNIVERSE MALAYSIA, Ocean Hero Advocates, representatives of the media, LEXIS HIBISCUS PORT DICKSON and the local civil society have joined forces. Domestic travel is about to begin after interstate travel restrictions were formally relaxed, and this activity demonstrated our nation's capacity to develop into a Sustainable Tourism Hub in Asia.

"The beach clean-up action is part of a movement to lessen plastic waste and encourage long-term fixes to the plastic pollution challenge. Following the event in Avani, Sepang in November of last year, HATTA DOLMAT and Ocean Hero Conservation are organising a second beach clean-up. To achieve a lasting, equitable, and inclusive recovery, we must intensify our collective efforts. I am convinced that this will have a big effect on Malaysia's efforts to encourage sustainable tourism."
Said The Acting Deputy Director General of Tourism Malaysia, YBsr En Iskandar Mirza Mohd Yusof, Senior Director, Domestic & Event Division.

“There is a growing consciousness among consumers about their plastic consumption and many have pledged to live a plastic-free lifestyle. It is now time for the fashion industry to act and do their part to come up with concrete measures to tackle the plastic crisis,” concluded Hatta.

To determine the most common plastic type and the top plastic polluters, the waste plastic that was gathered was assembled and audited. Hatta Dolmat will utilise the fabric made from recycled plastic bottles in August 2022 during KL Fashion Week 2022.

Ocean Hero Conservation was established in 2017 to raise awareness of waste and plastic pollution and its effect on ocean and marine life, in addition to conserving the marine ecosystem and ecotourism. In line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), SDG 14 Life Below Water, Ocean Hero Conservation aims to advance 17 UNSDGs and act as a platform to collaborate with corporate and business partners that practice sustainability. This initiative is carried out and organised by Blossomly Global, an organisation established since 2008 to specialise in Event Management such as Golf Tournaments, Adventure Sports Events, Exclusive Networking Events, Live Stage Shows, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs, Branding Marketing Services, Photography and Video Production.

The Kuala Lumpur Young Designers Association (KLYDA) is a not-for-profit trade association founded in 2020, whose membership consists of Malaysia's foremost womenswear, menswear, jewelry, and accessory designers and fashion graduates under the leadership of the Chairman and President of KLYDA, Hatta Dolmat. The mission of the KLYDA is to strengthen the impact of Malaysian fashion in the global economy while upholding the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. KLYDA is also an independent not-for-profit organisation, which was created to raise funds for charity and industry activities. KLYDA is an inclusive association for every fashion student and people with recognised qualifications and/or experience in the fields of design research, design practice, design management, and design education in Malaysia. In upholding the Constitution and the principles of our Rukun Negara, KLYDA looks beyond age, race, and religion to lead organisations from the creative, arts, and design fields toward sustainability in Malaysia. It is created for everyone who has been waiting for a digital native party that will use data analytics and a digital platform to make decisions, engage with people, and campaign for the betterment of Malaysia.

The Miss Universe Malaysia Organization (MUMO) is the country’s premiere pageant and Reality TV event conducted annually. Conceived in 1962, and revamped in 2010, it is conceptualized to provide a platform for young, ambitious Malaysian women to represent their nation on the international stage, that is Miss Universe. Miss Universe Malaysia is the longest running pageant in Malaysia, which has crowned these women who have done Malaysia proud – Datin Josephine Fonseka (1970), Dato’ Yasmin Yusoff (1978), Datin Elaine Daly (2003), Andrea Fonseka (2004), Nadine Ann Thomas (2010), Deborah Henry (2011), Kimberley Leggett (2012), Carey Ng (2013), Sabrina Beneett (2014), Vanessa Tevi Kumares (2015), Kiran Jassal (2016), Jane Teoh (2018), Shweta Sekhon (2019) and current reigning queen, Francisca Luhong James (2020). The woman who wears the Miss Universe Malaysia crown is not just a “beauty queen” but a role model for young women and an ambassador for Malaysia on the international stage.

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