The Master's Sun, 17 Episodes

Drama: The Master's Sun
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 17
Aired: Aug 7, 2003 – Oct 3, 2013
Native Title: 주군의 태양
Also Known As: The Sun of My Master , The Sun Of The Lord , Master's Sun
Screenwriters: Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran
Directors: Jin Hyeok
Main Role: Gong Hyo Jin / Tae Gong Shil "Tae Yang"  l  So Ji Sub / Joo Joong Won / "Joo Goon"
Original Network: SBS

Going into 2 months of MCO month, staying home has become quite adventurous with marathon of watching your favourite movies, dramas, musics and many more.

Wouldn't want to miss out on the race, a search through Facebook Videos brought attention to a 2013 K-Drama named The Master’s Sun.

The Master’s Sun starts with an opening, a young lady, Kong-Sil, who has the ability to see the dead after involving in an accident several years back. She lives a life of constant fear of the ghosts or spirits that surround her constantly. Due to this, Kong-sil is not able to live a normal life. Surviving by doing odd jobs and living in a rooftop room of an extended stay inn.

Followed by Joong-Won, a greedy businessman who is the President of an extravagant shopping mall named Kingdom. Arrogant and calculative as he is, and everything relates to him in terms of money.

The two crosses path one evening, and to only end up making Kong-Sil realises that the ghosts or spirits disappears whenever she touches him.

The series brings the two close together to deal with terror and sadness of the spirits. In the same time uncovering the truth behind the kipnapping incident of Joong-Won. And falling in love wasn’t inevitable.

Like all Korea Drama series or movies, The Master’s Sun brings element of sadness, happiness, funny in every episode. There is another added trill to it, you will find at a couple of section the feeling of ‘chills down your spine’. Watching this in a dark hall or room, may be intimidating.

The Master’s Sun can be watch over VIU.

Seoul Broadcasting System is a national South Korean television and radio network company, owned by the Taeyoung chaebol. In March 2000, the company legally became known as SBS, changing its corporate name from Seoul Broadcasting System. It has provided terrestrial digital TV service in the ATSC format since 2001, and T-DMB service since 2005. Its flagship terrestrial television station is Channel 6 for Digital and Cable.

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