TAN CHONG GROUP is not a small name in the industry of cars. Celebrating their 60 years mark and still growing strong with new models. With the 60 years experience, Tan Chong Group has made sure that it delivers great products and services with a thirst of excellence.

With an official agreement with RENAULT S.A.S., Tan Chong Group was entrust with the manufacturing, marketing and servicing of RENAULT cars in Malaysia. While the equipment leasing is joint venture via TC Capital (Thailand). And now today after 60 years, Tan Chong Group stands strong with the trust of consumers in their lines of sleek and style but yet safe.

Upon first look at the exterior of RENAULT CAPTUR, the word is ‘I am in love with Captur’ with additional ‘That is a very stylish car’. It took awhile to actually realize that there is more than meets the eye this CAPTUR. And indeed it is. Designed with an urban and striking look, CAPTUR will be able to turn heads on the road. Winner of the ‘BEST DESIGN OF THE YEAR’ for The Star’s 2016 CARSIFU EDITOR’S CHOICE. Captur brings the world of 3 of a Styling of an SUV, High Driving position of an MPV and a driving pleasure of a Family Hatchback.

With its bi-tone vibrant colours, stylish LED daytime running lights, a striking frontage, with its rear lights enhancing and making CAPTUR, stand out among the crowds and drawing attention. Another feature that calls out ‘I am sexy’ and very indeed will be CAPTUR’s 17-inch alloy wheels.

Opening the door, getting into the interior of CAPTUR, it says very light and comfortable. It’s not a struggle as the space is fully maximize, while the rest is minimalist for space with innovative technology. The car seat brings in the relax mood, resulting in dozing off a possible chance. The ability of adjusting forward and backwards for more space. Smart Ideas with Captur’s ZIP COLLECTION seat covers that is removable and washable.

RENAULT CAPTUR has actually try to go beyond our comfortable expectations by a great design vehicle suitable for travelling in any condition.

What has CAPTUR is captured is the storage capabilities it has. The storage compartment of the car boot is excellent with the ability to adjust the level of the boot and hide some bags out of sight. Dashboard storage for small items such as mobile phone, house keys and others. Central storage which accessed by both front and back seats (which can be removed for extra storage space)

And Yes RENAULT CAPTUR is petrol saving actually. A tested trip from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru, below the speed limit of 110km per hour, around Johor Bahru and back to Kuala Lumpur, a total of about RM 200.00 was spend on petrol consumption which was very economical. Going ECO with CAPTUR is activated by a button mode, saving fuel up to 10% auto adjusting the engine settings for a more economical driving. Captur is powered by a turbocharged TCe 120 engine mated to a 6-speed Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) transmission. A smooth drive with a quiet engine, if not realizing can make one speed up without noticing the speed limit.  

A very smooth drive and safe. Driving Captur in the raining condition in Johor Bahru, visibility was clear and didn't had any problem with fogging as some cars would experience. There were several road corners that needed to be taken and Captur again proved that it is safe, as a test of the cornering, Captur did not even shake nor had the problem of swaying. 
The build in reverse camera helps to identify any obstacles behind CAPTUR out of our eye-sight. And you can feel lavish with their very stylish unlock, start and remotely lock CAPTUR without touching the key with their Handsfree keycard. Make sure the keycard is with you. And once you are in the card just slot in into its slot compartment.

Another feature about RENAULT CAPTUR that captures the heart of the young and beautiful, bold and brave, business and leisure will be their MULTIMEDIA MEDIA NAVIGATION. Featured like a touch screen tablet, offering a couple of smart, practical functions such as road navigation with a choice of 2D or 3D map view equipped with vocal guidance, radio channels for music entertainment and hands-free system synchronizing with any smartphone in making or receiving calls, and usage of Bluetooth Technology.

The other feature about RENAULT CAPTUR is how it is safe. 
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