4FINGERS represents the resistance against the status quo started by four foodie friends who decided to take on the impossible and fight the good fight against the big boys. Having had enough with the big chains’ formulaic fried chicken as we know it, they set out with fresh determination to revolutionise casual dining with great chicken.

Their little jaunt across the world took them to New York City where they discovered the mouthwatering flavours and textures of Asian-style fried chicken. It was unlike anything they’ve ever tasted - crispy with a zing to taste, and delightfully addictive.

Marvelling at the genius blend of Asian flavours and the New York classic fried chicken, they knew they’ve got the best on their hands: fried chicken with an attitude that’s a far cry away from bland offerings churned out from fast-food chains.

Plucking their discovery straight off the bustling streets of New York City, they journeyed back to the shores of Singapore where 4FINGERS, the island’s first underground chicken movement was born.

This movement started from a passion for quality and sustainability - that no matter how many 4FINGERS outlets were opened, these two ethos will be strongly held on to.

Today, this homegrown movement is shaking up the Singapore fried chicken scene by offering fans fresh chicken from farm to fork. Packaging used to seal-in the 4FINGERS goodness is made from renewable resources to reduce carbon footprint. This means you can enjoy your fried chicken and help our environment at the same time!

4FINGERS crispy chicken offers two tantalising Asian-inspired sauces - soy garlic and hot & spicy. The downright addictive sauces are made with fresh herbs and spices, and distilled with just water and soy beans that are naturally fermented for five months under the sun. With absolutely no artificial flavourings or MSG, every piece of chicken is made to order. 4FINGERS ups the ante by hand-brushing them so the sauce clings tightly to the skin - which offers an extra punch in flavour and perfectly crisp skin.

Singaporeans are passionate about their food, and if they love it, they’ll queue for it. Since starting the movement, 4FINGERS has clucked up a huge fan base and queues are still flocking. World domination is just beginning - as 4FINGERS expanded its footprint to Malaysia and Indonesia in 2015. Australia is in its sights as well, with three outlets opening in June 2017. It’s a war against the big boys out there, and our strategy as the underdog is simple: wipe out cookiecutter meals with honest and good fried chicken brimming with character and attitude.

The game is on. Join the resistance today.
Mr. Steen Puggaard, 51, has held the position of CEO of 4FINGERS since February 2013. He has been instrumental in seeing 4FINGERS through a change of ownership, securing funding for expansion as well as growing the business from one to 12 stores in Singapore as well as overseeing the launch of 4FINGERS in Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. As of April 2018, there are five outlets in Malaysia, two in Indonesia and three in Australia. As part of the company’s Board of Directors, he oversees the overall business strategy and ensures that the organization and resources are in place to manage rapid growth -- locally and internationally.

A resident of Singapore since 1999, Steen brings with him over 20 years of experience with several blue chip F&B franchises, specializing in marketing and general management in both ends of the F&B industry and across Europe and Asia Pacific. Prior to joining 4FINGERS, his overseas roles include well-known corporations and mass-market brands like McDonald’s, Burger King as well as one of Singapore’s leading restaurant groups, Les Amis. He has played a key role in the launch of McDonald’s in several countries and recently introduced Costa Coffee in Singapore.

Steen believes in always putting the customer first and has a fascination with the F&B industry and the unique abundance of opportunities it represents, more than any other industry, to serve customers every day. More importantly, he sees a need to continuously disrupt and challenge the status quo in order to ensure that brands to stay relevant to consumers.

A native of Denmark, Steen is a graduate of Copenhagen Business School with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He is also a qualified advertising photographer and an avid amateur athlete and private pilot. His pastimes include rowing, running, swimming and cycling.

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