YB Syed Saddiq vs Dugong All Stars

It all started with a simple twitter message through the official ERA.JE twitter to the Minister of Sports and Youth Malaysia, YB Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, inviting him to join a friendly football match between YB Syed Saddiq choice team with Dugong All Stars, on the 15th September 2018 at Muar Stadium Johor Bahru. The friendly match is to instill the feeling of fair play and sportmanship between celebrities, the locals and people's representatives. 

The invitation twitter message was response with a positive note from YB Syed Saddiq against Dugong All Stars but a simple request that it is done in his hometown Muar, Johor Bahru. 
Had the opportunity to go against the Harimau Malaya team in a charity play off in 2016. The friendly match was watch by 4,000 live at the stadium and 18,000 over facebook live.  

DUGONG ALL STARS is consisted by Johan, Haniff, Ray, Fad dan Radin, Atu, Akim Ahmad, Achey Bocey, Zahid, Mamak Putih, Zidan, Qody, Hairul Azrin, Tomok, Kamal Adli, Ali, Ayie, Fawwaz and Gjie.
NAZRI NORAN, MANAGER FOR MALAY RADIO STATION, said that it is an honour to have the support of KBS in making the Program Jelajah Belia “Sayangi Malaysiaku” a success. He hopes to support KBS inisiative in encouraging Malaysian to choose a healthier lifestyle.

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