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Nur Natasha (My Town Sr Exe.Events & Promo), Aly Wong (GINTELL A&P Manager), Dato' Jalaludin B Hassan (GINTELL Ambassador), Dato' Goh Cheh Yak (GINTELL Group Managing Director), Joakim Hogsander (GM Of Boustead Ikano SB), Kenny Ooi (My Town Asst Mgr, Mktg-Events & Promo), Bong Wong (GINTELL Asst GM)
Dato’ Jalaludin Hassan made anappearanceas the GINTELL ambassador at MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Cheras to have preview of new massage chair De’ Space U.F.O together with his fans and customers of GINTELL during the Meet & Greet Session at GINTELL Grand Road Show on April 30, 2017 at 3pm for the ”Meet & Greet” session with all the shoppers. 

It’s a full time job for all parents to take care of their children, the amount of joy in parenting is matched by an equal amount of stress. This is the right moment to express our gratitude and love and benevolence that enable them to gain back their health condition & enjoy their life!Introducing the GINTELL Parents Day Double Health Package, one gift is for you to requite your parents' love, while the other is for GINTELL to requite your filial piety so that you can lead a happier and healthier life besides helping your parents maintain good health.
GINTELL De’ Space U.F.O Massage Chair
The newly preview of GINTELL De’Space U.F.O massage chair brings you to the moon and back, invites you to feel a touch of beyond from your home.  The unique features in GINTELL De’Space take the power of U.F.O massage to a whole new level. Whether you are stressed out after a long day of work or relaxing in front of the TV after meal, release the last bit of stress and feel truly at ease with De’Space U.F.O massage chair which consists of Ultimate features, Futuristic Design & Optimum Comfort.

The 180 degree space stretch helps relieve stress and tension on the spine and body. It is an advanced chiropractic concept programme which allows straightening or extension of one's body 
to its full length, typically so as to exercise the joints and tighten the muscles. The widening of the gap between vertebrae may prevent bone spur and nerve compression. It also helps to improve movement of back on gradually basis and speed up muscle recovery. The space stretch function could be beneficial especially for sportsperson and ladies to perform daily exercise and movement practice. 

It also has an Aero V-track allowing you to adjust the position of the rollers from your upper back to thigh and rotate in situ. With the extension of 125cm, the Aero V-track can now even reaches the thighs and buttocks where your entire body weight centred and also an extra 45% massage coverage than other normal massage chair. You can customize the position for your comfortable fit, making good use of the user-friendly toggle switch which you can control the recline and angle, giving extra comfort during your massage.

De’Space is equipped with Quad 3D Roller Balls which do more than just targeting the back pain which you are suffering from. The Quad 3D Roller Balls is the second generation 3D roller 

balls post evolution and reinvention tailored to suit the uses and needs of different consumers. It comes with 8cm protrusion alongwith the most humanized 4x roller balls to pin point pressure areas and lower back pain which you are trying to alleviate, performing a concentrated neck, back and shoulder massage therapy all from the comfort of your massage chair.  The Quad 3D Roller Balls mechanism is a reinvention done post research and evaluation of the first generation Dual 3D Roller Balls. In comparison with the Dual 3D Roller Balls, the all new Quad 3D Roller Balls has a wider area of coverage across the shoulders, neck and back. It is designed to correspond to the contour and shape of your back and has a neck massage feature. It could provide you with stiff muscle relief at the shoulders and other parts of the body that are suffering from extreme stiffness. With the all new exclusive Quad 3D Roller Balls, you will yourself in a more effective massage coupled with the absolute feel of relaxation and fatigue decrease.

GINTELL De’Vano S FUNtastic Sofa 
De’Vano S FUNtastic Sofa is the first sofa apt to massage in conformity with the contour of your body from the neck till the thigh. With the longest massage track, its 105cm V-Trackoffers a hand-like massage experience for your back, pelvic, butt until the thigh to relieve all your aches and stress after a tiring day.The 3D Heating Massage Ball in GINTELL De’Vano S FUNtastic Sofa improves blood circulation and promotes metabolismto effectively eliminate water retention and shoulder pain. Additionally, the special butt-shaping & pelvic correction massage airbags perfectly sculpt the hip area into a firmer and shapely figure.

Streamlined with ultra-trendy fun coloured fabric, De’Vano S FUNtastic Sofa is a modern styled and ergonomic designed sofa. Its lightweight and compactness is convenient for you to place it anywhere at home or office. In short, this well-designed FUNtastic Sofa is user-friendly and perfect for every modernistas and stylistas!

GINTELL introducing Parents Day Double Happiness Package, one gift is for you to requite your parent’s love, while the other is for GINTELL to requite your felial piety. Promotion from RM4988*. Terms and conditions apply.

For more information, visit, follow us at GINTELL Facebook page and Instagram #GINTELLMALAYSIA or call GINTELL customer careline at 1800-88-6332. 

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