PSA roadshow by The Malaysian Society of Infectious Diseases and Chemotherapy (MSIDC) supported by Sanofi Pasteur cuts through the ‘white noise’ of dengue reporting to engage the public on good dengue prevention habits 
While DENGUE awareness is high, poor attitudes remain. The public run the risk of becoming immune to the impact of dengue infection on their lives, families and communities by treating them as ‘white noise.’ As recently as last month, public sentiment remains indifferent to dengue, a painful and debilitating disease that can affect quality of lives up to six weeks post recovery. “I have heard stories about dengue but we never really did anything about it at home because we did not think it would affect us,”2 is one current example of public response to dengue.

Enter MR.DENGUE, The Unwanted Guest, a public service awareness roadshow by The Malaysian Society of Infectious Diseases and Chemotherapy (MSIDC) supported by Sanofi Pasteur. The campaign aims to cut through this ‘white noise’ of indifference through the use of satirical humour to catch the attention of the public on social media. Once he has your attention, he provides information about dengue fever, empowering the public with tools to protect themselves from the disease.

MR.DENGUE makes the invisible, visible. He represents the hidden dengue threat that is around all the time. It makes for playful education, and a more evocative portraiture of the disease which is a fresh way to communicate dengue prevention with the public,” said Baptiste De Clarens, Managing Director for SANOFI PASTEUR MALAYSIA, Singapore and Brunei. 

“Since the introduction of Mr. Dengue in February, he has been busy showing what he’s all about, what he will do to you.  He has also been sharing his "exploits" by hijacking twitter conversations and spreading his message of ‘mozzie domination’ on Facebook. Between April to July this year, the campaign garnered more than 2.7m impressions online, supported by initiatives with key media partners. And with the concourse roadshow here at Sunway Pyramid this weekend, we hope to reach out to many more Malaysians. Additionally, Malaysians can ‘meet’ Mr. Dengue by liking his Facebook page - Spread the news about Mr. Dengue on your social media and he might just pay you a visit,” he added.

According to MSIDC (Malaysian Society of Infectious Diseases and Chemotherapy), Malaysians are still not doing enough on the dengue prevention front. “We know this from recent reports on public sentiment. Malaysians need to remember that dengue affects every one of us regardless of age, sex, health or economic status. Don’t wait until it happens to you or a family member before you take preventive action. Every 3 minutes, 1 person in Malaysia is infected3.  So please do not think you will not get dengue at some point in your life,” said Prof. Dr Zamberi Sekawi.

Everyone has a role to play in preventing dengue and protecting their families against the burden of the disease. Amongst the top tips shared by MSIDC and host and spokesperson for the Mr. Dengue campaign, Jason Leong during the media launch today were:

·         Practice vector control
o   Frequent clearing of stagnant water
o   Killing mosquitoes using insecticides
o   Use of tight-fitting lids or mesh on water storage containers
o   Solid waste management
·         Take steps to reduce risk of being bitten by an infected mosquito
o   Try to wear clothing that reduces skin exposure during daylight hours
o   Use repellents on exposed skin or clothing
o   Install mosquito nettings on windows
o  Insecticide aerosols, mosquito coils or other insecticide vaporisers and air conditioning can be used inside.

Also present at the media launch were representatives from the Ministry of Health and schoolchildren participating in the Dengue Patrol 2016 program. The schoolchildren took part in a ‘Battle’ quiz with host Jason Leong to ‘defeat’ Mr. Dengue, to the delight of the invited guests.

The Meet Mr. Dengue, The Unwanted Guest roadshow will be held at the Blue Concourse at Sunway Pyramid Mall from 12pm Friday 14th October to Sunday 16th October. The highlight of the roadshow is a Pac-Man-styled maze specially designed to be a training course for participants to equip themselves with tools to combat dengue. They will need to collect these tools and avoid being caught by Mr. Dengue’s ‘mosquitoes’ who will act as ‘ghosts’ in the Pac-Man-styled game. Learn fast, complete the course without ‘meeting’ Mr. Dengue’s minions and win special Mr. Dengue premiums! The public can also learn how to build their own mosquito traps as well as identify mosquito breeding areas in a home as part of the planned activities to encourage you and your family to practice good dengue prevention habits.
Head to and ‘like’ the page to receive dengue awareness and prevention information on your Facebook timeline. Download the ‘Protection Against Dengue’ brochure on the Meet Mr Dengue Tab at the Facebook page to keep up to date on dengue prevention habits.

Additionally, take the Dengue Readiness Quiz at to find out how prepared you are against the disease
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