In my household, I don't normally use many medications or ointments for skin problem. Most of the time we will wash it off with hot (with salt) water. At times with a little dash of Dettol. 

The last I took medication from the hospital for my skin problem which was focused more on the my leg, the first second time it work then it didn't. Since most hospital meds has steroids as one of the ingredients,  I decided not to take anymore. 

Recently I tried a homebased product RUAM BAYI POWDER. It's traditional and 100% white clay based which is mixed with natural mineral water. 

Looking at the product, one would say it is more suitable for babies but it's not just for babies, it can assist with other skin problem such as Eczema, Prosiasis, Rashes, Ringworm, Shingles, Heat Rash, Milk Rash, Scabies, ChickenPox, Acne, wounds and many more. 

I applied mine over the problem area, it was very fast drying and light weight. It doesn't clog up. It also don't dust up. It blends into the skin. 

  • 100% white clay based with natural minerals.
  • Has natural mineral that absorb all dirts and toxin on the skin
  • Absorb into the skin. Feel cool and soft.
  • Long lasting for months on usage.
  • It's not expensive
  • FREE of Paraben and other dangerous chemical.
  • Safe for usage on kids
  • Choosen products by parents with small babies for rashes. 

The skin problem has lessen a bit and still in progress. But even with the progress I am happy with the results. Wouldn't mind getting RUAM BAYI POWDER for stocks. 

For further information, you may click on the following links:-


En. Hafis 
013 480 6787 (Bahagian Pemasaran) 

Puan Nurul
017 6239935 ( Produk Owner)  
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