For a mother of four and grandmother to two grandchildren, it has always from their time till now, diapers is always been a topic with myself... hahaha. I have had experience using a diaper and only after 1 hour, my son was dripping wet in the pants. 
These some pointers I share with my daughter especially when she needs to purchase pampers for her children. 
  • Size especially when we zap it up if it's going to have a red mark on the tummy or tight if too small. Would it be comfortable or too tight? 
  • Long lasting is where I see how long a diaper would last. Having a diaper too long on is also not condusive as it would develop diaper rash and at the end be irritating for our child.
  • Durability is more towards whether the inside of the diapers would tear off while it is still being use (have had experience those with the inside coming out)
  • Dryness or not? If it's too wet, it's also not comfortable. How to know? Easy open up and the our child's buttocks, if it's wet after some time, then the diaper is not dryness. The wetness may cause diaper rash. 
  • Zap on or pants? Both has it's advantages. Pants you can't go more than 3 trips of urinating. But based on my experience preferably not to go more than 3.
  • Brand is not so necessary for myself because each brands has their own advantages. So as long as its suitable, it's going to be covering my children and grandchildren hahaha
  • Price is also very important. Some shopping malls sells the same brand and type at different RM. So I would normally check online how much and what promo is available. 

Trying GOON Premium Diapers. Manufactured by Daio Paper Corporation of Japan. My time when diapers were out, we didn't have genders, we only had sizes hahaha... but now it's like you can find those for BOY or GIRL... ok now the title grandmother is so eligible haha..

These are my observation of why GOON Diaper should be in every mother's hand at the checkout counter. 
  1. It is made 100% of cotton material
  2. It's very absorbent so it helps prevent diaper rash with total dryness. The soft barriers also helps prevent leakage. 
  3. They have ranges of all type of sizes from NB - XL 
  4. Their weight carries from 0-5kg to 12-20kg 
  5. Their packing are 90 pieces to 42 pieces depending on the Sizes
  6. It feels soft and slight thinner than the other diapers. To me it's good to have it thin, it makes us want to change it once it's fill up and when it's not too long on, the diaper rashes will be less possible. 
  7. They have zap on or pants. The fasteners is quite comfortable for your child especially they are sleeping. 
  8. There is an indicator as well for fullness. Okay this is a new one. 
So if you are looking for one, you can click on the banner below or you can go to this link.

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