30 April 2016

26 April 2016

12 April 2016

New Blog Look with www.maisarahsidi.com
When I started blogging was way in 2011. My objectives was to share info, and I still do. But as I progress and meet new friends in the world of blogging, what I noticed was they took the effort and time to beautify their blog to look as interesting as possible.

I was no graphic designer but I too wanted the same.... hahaha jealous weii all my friends had gorgeous profile timeline for their blog. 

So since I love doodle, I wanted mine to be different. I wanted something of me but not entirely me. From all the graphic designers I requested to assist me with this... all failed. It was very frustrating especially when I was already taking blogging jobs and my blog looks so 'baby' hahaha...

I search around with 'Uncle Google' and finally found one entry that was done by a blogger and decided to try out the services that she took from someone.