New Blog Look with

When I started blogging was way in 2011. My objectives was to share info, and I still do. But as I progress and meet new friends in the world of blogging, what I noticed was they took the effort and time to beautify their blog to look as interesting as possible.

I was no graphic designer but I too wanted the same.... hahaha jealous weii all my friends had gorgeous profile timeline for their blog. 

So since I love doodle, I wanted mine to be different. I wanted something of me but not entirely me. From all the graphic designers I requested to assist me with this... all failed. It was very frustrating especially when I was already taking blogging jobs and my blog looks so 'baby' hahaha...

I search around with 'Uncle Google' and finally found one entry that was done by a blogger and decided to try out the services that she took from someone. 

A blogger herself, I read through her services and charges. whammo.... the very right person I was searching all these while. She does doodle, her charges are so very reasonable and cheap. 

It didn't take her a long time to beautify my blog. She has packages. And since her packages were cheap, I took the ones I need help with the most. 

And whallaaaa... my new blog look. She did just as I said and I didnt mention much. I said I wanted to be me but not entirely me.... hahaha

So if you guys are looking for someone to design and create the you you want, try her services. You will be happy with it. 

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