I believe everyone loves to travel and most would have many methods to plan for their own holiday/travelling. Either just ad hoc or plan them. I would prefer to plan as I will be looking at the dates, day of travelling, distance, mode of transportation and availability, facilities at venue of accommodation, room type is a must for me (very fussy about it), F&B and most importantly the cost and budgeting. 

I will not enter travelling mode if it's a school holiday but I will go during weekdays and non school holidays.... it's resting time, free and easy hahaha... 

I found these while strolling to plan for a short holiday soon... you get to travel for half a price. It's a travel voucher that is worth RM600.00 and it is selling at RM299.00 per voucher. Imagine you save about RM300.00.. 

It's under and it's valid from 1st December 2016 - 1st December 2017. Isn't it great that it can be use during the school holidays, short travel or even honeymoon. In fact I would recommend these for honeymooners who is on budget.. 

It is redeemable from flight tickets, travel packages, theme parks to even hotel stays. 

To my understanding, if I pay RM299.00 for per voucher, stay for as long as the value doesn't exceed RM600.00. If it exceed above RM600.00, then I pay the extra hahaha.... kachinnngg

And since thinking that I may want to plan for a honeymoon in 2017, I may purchase 2 vouchers x RM299.00 (RM600.00) and choose a package that is valued at RM1,200.00. I save RM600.00. Wooww... 

You can also join a Lifetime Membership at RM150.00. Their benefits are a bit different than the voucher. 

If you are interested to find out more about the voucher and what it offers, or the membership benefits, you can contact En Shahrul Izuan, at 017-5844223 (whatsapp/call).

While the voucher is still available, grab it and enjoy your holiday plans with, your travelling best friend

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