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As I mentioned I love to eat and this one of my favourite place to indulge in something lavish but cheap.

They were the very first grilled burger (burger bakar) and when you tried theirs, there is nothing that you will not love about MJB (in short).

The most to die for is their killer ribs.. and cheap. The grilled burger is done to perfection, with it juice and flavour all deep inside.. the bite of taste will last you till the next morning.

Owned by husband and wife team Molly and Mustafa Jones, Malaysian and American born, they are my favourite couple. They especially molly knows everyone of her customer, that is what I call a family restaurant and when the shop owner knows you, you feel important. 

Service, Food, Customer oriented I rate top of my list. Are they going to be your top list? Try them out.

The original grilled burger in Malaysia before it bloomed a whole lot of other grilled burger
The Chef Himself



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