W KUALA LUMPUR brightens ups the hotel's unique spaces
with Art Series by GALLERY des ARTISTES
collective artist Gung HO, international artist from France and U.S.A.

W KUALA LUMPUR known for its iconic lifestyle, with the help of collective artist Gung Ho, brings the bold to the heart of Kuala Lumpur and has partnered with GALLERY des ARTISTES for a new series of art collaborations. The result is a carefully curated collection of immersive artwork and imaginative lifestyle experiences that guests can enjoy within the hotel.

Since the hotel's debut in 2018, the Gung Ho group, which includes British Pop artist Jonny Zerox, Malaysian-born artist HONG, and gallerist and interior designer Edith HO, has collaborated closely with W KUALA LUMPUR. The aesthetic thread of the brands will continue to be present in the future because of this long-standing connection between the two companies. The Art in Hotel programme enables you to wander around the lovely hotel while being completely submerged in the exuberant, colourful, fun, and POP world of Gung Ho and Co.

“The Art in Hotel series displays the works of the artists from Gallery des Artistes as they curated a selection of art specifically for W KUALA LUMPUR. We not only provide an exclusive experience for guests to physically discover the vibrant and bold artworks from a unique angle but also bring to life beautiful new artwork through a combination of art and avant-garde mediums,” 
said Edith Ho, the curator of GALLERY des ARTISTES and member of Gung Ho

“Our guests span the next generation of luxury travelers who embody a mindset that spans age, geography, and interest. They are the spark that makes it happen. The ones, who never stop exploring, pulled to the energy of people and places. True to themselves and open to everything. They make the world their own and bring the crowd together. That is why we thought that staying true to our brand ethos as being Connectors; it is time W KUALA LUMPUR thinks outside the box when it comes to hotel artwork,” 
said Volker Burth, General Manager of W KUALA LUMPUR 

Hotels aren't an exception to the recent surge in experience design, which has raised expectations for brands to develop original, memorable experiences for visitors. Too long have catalog prints and predictable posters been used in hospitality design to cover bare walls. This is all changing, and by rethinking the influence of public art in a hotel context, we want to improve the tourist experience. We curate artwork that increases client interaction, showcases varied artists, and promotes storytelling and discovery through a vast variety of aesthetics; for these reasons, we have partnered with Gallery des Artists.

The major themes of W include stoking curiosity and widening horizons. Life can be experienced at our hotel. We're here to open minds and open doors. We always have more to offer.

A guest's or visitor's sense of style can be improved through the Art in Hotel art experience, which creates aspirational moments that inspire and surprise. From the porte-cochere where guests are picked up to the hotel's all-day dining, well-integrated art improves the comfort and intimacy of the many nooks and corners of the hotel, enlivening the area. Wet® Deck is a stylish lounge that surpasses traditional pool deck bar expectations with its harmonious blend of cutting-edge mixology and bold modern design, as well as the spectacular Extreme WOW suite on the 23rd floor. WOOBAR has the sass of a speakeasy. YEN offers an imperial ambiance elevated by an avant-garde dining concept.


Porte-cochere, Ground Floor
Gung HO's Pop Art with a Chinese Twist has a new mood called Pop Orient. The Pop Orient line features distinctive, elegant works of art and design that are sexy and contemporary.

A Pop Art wedding cake design with green flora created in 2018 by French artist Hersk as a tribute to Malaysia's Twin Towers.

WOOBAR, 8th Floor
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gung HO published the collection Crazy Asians. It's entertaining, and provocative, and uses hand motions to highlight colours and attitudes.
Who is Gung HO? A collective of three artists of which two are present today.
  • Lim Kwok HONG, a Malaysian artist, and 
  • Edith HO, the founder, and director of GALLERY des ARTISTES 
  • Johnny Xerox is a well-known Pop musician from London, United Kingdom.
FLOCK, 8th Floor
In association with Gung HO, American artist Shy Guy created the collection Buzz Light Words. a collection of typographic artworks and neon art that conveys potent messages about the state of the world today.

YEN, 11th Floor
The beginning collaboration between GALLERY des ARTISTES with W KUALA LUMPUR, Gung HO's POP ORIENT Chinese Collection includes paintings as well as:
  • Light boxes
  • Art on glass
  • Lazy Susan
  • Custom designed antique porter chair
A full collection made in Malaysia by Gung HO.

E-WOW SUITE, 23rd Floor
Two murals that were specially created in France with the theme "Jungle in the city" pay homage to Kuala Lumpur, our beautiful green metropolis. We prefer that the experiences connect with the local culture, unveiling the third and the latest collection by Gung HO "Empress Chill"

“We are delighted to showcase this new creative offering in our city hotel. Our discerning guests have a passion for discovering new art and are looking for creative ways to elevate their guest experience and fill their travels with memories worthy of their own art collection. GALLERY des ARTISTES unique approach to art fits perfectly with our commitment to offering guests exceptional contemporary experiences in the modern marvel of the Southeast Asian Jungle City that is Kuala Lumpur. We look forward to our continued relationship as we connect daring to deliver a different kind of luxury, one that revels in bold ideas, and indulges in the unexpected,” 
Burth added.

The Art in Hotel series will be on exhibit and additional information is made available on the W KUALA LUMPUR @wkualalumpur Instagram page or GALLERY des ARTISTE website

Gallery des Artistes offers a wide selection of artworks by leading international artists including the stunning collections by Gung HO creators of a new vibe in Pop Art with Asian flavors. We are an innovative contemporary gallery and lifestyle brand with a focus on Pop and Street art. Founded by Edith Ho, all our artworks are exclusively curated and will amaze contemporary art lovers.

Marking the iconic brand's first-ever hotel in Malaysia, W Kuala Lumpur opened its doors on August 2018 in the heart of the capital, steps from the world-famous Petronas Twin Towers. W Kuala Lumpur features 150 stylish guest rooms and suites with diverse beverage and food venues bringing a flawless synergy to Kuala Lumpur's booming, multicultural food and drink scene. YEN offers a contemporary take on traditional Cantonese recipes while FLOCK, our all day dining venue showcases Pan-Asian, farm-to-flock dishes featuring organic produce and a focus on sustainable eats. For inventive bar bites and meticulously crafted cocktails, WOOBAR is a chic all-day social space and WET® Deck pool bar features creative concoctions, with breath-taking views of Petronas Twin Towers as its stunning backdrop.

Through bold, innovative design, W Kuala Lumpur immerses guests in the city's wildly lush greenery, globally renowned cuisine, centuries-old history and growing appetite for playful luxury. Whatever/Whenever is W's way of pampering you. Need to know where the locals dine, or the location of that up and coming artist gig? We aim to fulfil your request. Whatever/Whenever®. 24/7. For more information or to make a reservation, visit wkualalumpur.com or get social with W Kuala Lumpur on Facebook and Instagram @wkualalumpur

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