When the merlion meets the lion over WOK HEY deliciousness.

PETALING JAYA – 12 May 2022 - Singapore’s fast-casual - WOK HEY, convenient, take-out kiosk concept offering tasty, nutritional, value-for-money, customizable Asian stir-fry dishes with a modern twist, is bringing the deliciousness to Malaysia.

Inspired by the cornerstone of Cantonese-style cooking, and seeded with the idea, WOK HEY created modern interpretations of the traditional Asian stir-fry staples in a box. Since opening its doors in 2017, WOK HEY has held on to the belief that one day, Asian stir-fry staples can become a significant mainstream segment in the fast-casual category globally. With over 34 outlets in Singapore, WOK HEY made its international debut in Sunway Pyramid in mid-January 2022. Located at LG2.43A, WOK HEY is set to charm Malaysian tastebuds with Singapore’s finest stir-fry dishes, flavoured with “wok hei” goodness.

WOK HEY’s won the title of Singapore’s Best Fried Rice, and the Most Innovative F&B Brand (Multiple Outlets) from the Restaurant Association of Singapore in 2021. To appeal to a large variety of consumers, the WOK HEY concept ensures every dish offers tasty and healthy Asian staples - rice and noodles, as the mains. These are then customized for everyone, with a wide selection and combination of quality ingredients. This includes meticulously sourced ingredients from regional farming communities and rice harvested from the luscious paddy fields in Japan. As a result, more than 2,000 possible combinations of high quality, affordable and fresh meals, appealing to all Malaysian taste buds with each bite of WOK HEY deliciousness.

Up to 2000 combinations of stir-fries made possible 
with a large variety of high-quality Add-ons

Receiving a fantastic response in Singapore, WOK HEY finally decided that it was time to head up north, bringing the iconic stir-fry deliciousness to the heart of Malaysia. Staying true to the WOK HEY way, the chefs at its Sunway Pyramid outlet are trained to maintain the high standards that the brand has achieved in Singapore.

The open kitchen allows everyone to know what goes into each dish while witnessing the high hygiene standards of the meals, prepared with eco-friendly custom-made kitchen equipment. Additionally, dishes are packed in specially designed boxes to fit on-the-go consumption while maintaining their freshness.

On that note, Malaysians can get their hands on award-winning WOK HEY meals by highly skilled and consistent chefs, including fully customizable options of Egg Fried Rice, Shanghai Fried Rice, and Fresh Ramen and Udon combinations.

WOK HEY’s menu allows customers to choose their favourite Add-ons at a reasonable price

"WOK HEY was built on the belief that Asian stir-fry staples can become a mainstream segment in the fast-casual category globally. Having created a leading, modern and well-loved concept in Singapore, we knew this was the right time to introduce the brand to our neighbours. We spent a great deal of time and effort working on the supplies, processes and staff training to ensure the best quality possible in Malaysia. We hope the local community would love our food as much as we do," Jake Chia, Co-founder/ Director of WOK HEY.

WOK HEY meals are prepared fresh, right in front of you and
packed in convenient to-go boxes for easy consumption

So head over to Sunway Pyramid for stir-fry deliciousness, all the way from the land of the Merlion to the lion of KL, with the exclusive 1-FOR-1 promotion, made available for 4 days only from 12 to 15 May 2022. WOK HEY will also be bringing its goodness to more people in the community by opening in 1 Utama Shopping Centre this July 2022! For more information and updates on WOK HEY, visit and check out their social media pages @mywokhey. Alternatively, get in touch with

Sunway Pyramid, Unit no. LG2.43A, 3, 
Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 
47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. 

Opening hours: 11am - 10pm

Inspired by the cornerstone of Cantonese-styled cooking, we seeded an idea to create a modern interpretation of the traditional Asian stir-fry staples.

Hence, WOK HEY sprouted in 2017 as a modern, fast-casual, convenient, take-out only kiosk concept offering tasty, nutritional, value-for-money, customizable fry-to-order wok dishes. As a halal-certified concept, we can cater to customers from all walks of life.

We strongly believe that one day, Asian stir-fry staples can become a significant mainstream segment in the fast-casual category globally. We may have started small, but it doesn’t stop us from dreaming big: To be a leading, modern and engaging Asian fast-casual food service brand that loves what we cook, how we serve and who we feed, and we intend to do this one wok at a time.


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