Brother’s ‘Tough Love’ Campaign recognises the changing roles of fathers today and supports fathers across Malaysia to be the proud dad they are working to be

The lines that once defined a father’s role have become blurred, and today’s 21st century dad is no longer the traditional breadwinner and disciplinarian of the family. He can be single or married, he may work from home, and he may even be the primary caregiver or stay-at-home dad. Juggling roles that range from being a provider, protector, hero, clown and even confidant, the new-age father has well-earned the right to better recognition and acknowledgement, which at present is lacking.

Japanese multinational electronics company, Brother International Malaysia (“Brother”), believes that ‘modern dads’ help promote the social and emotional development of children, and that fathers have evolved to become more ‘well-rounded’ parents compared to past generations. Dads today not only cook, bake and clean, they contribute to parenting and take on parenting roles as much as mothers do.

According to Tsutomu Takaki, Managing Director of Brother International Malaysia,

“As a brand, we have always believed in evolution and our products are built in anticipation of change. Today’s family dynamics have progressed into binary roles where mothers and fathers do more than what societal norms categorise them to be. In staying true to our motto ‘at your side’ we wanted to roll-out a campaign that showcased this shift in parental duties and more specifically focus on fathers. Dads today are a very different breed of individuals and we wanted to celebrate them by giving them a platform to tell their stories. We also aim to enhance their parenting capacity by giving them the tools to create, bond and possibly even discover a new passion in their lives so that they can be the best version of the father they want to be.”

To celebrate the position fathers’ play in families, and to shed a light on these multi-talented, yet often neglected, roles and responsibilities, Brother Malaysia is launching the first phase of its ‘Tough Love’ campaign. Having conducted a series of interviews with Malaysian dads from various backgrounds, Brother has produced a short video highlighting the struggles and triumphs of holding the position as head of the family. The video which is being aired on its social media channels places primary focus on not only the enduring roles of fathers, but fatherhood in general, and what it truly means to be a modern-day dad.

With an aim to support fathers across Malaysia and to provide the tools for fathers to broaden their skill sets, or even adopt a new hobby to take up with their children, Brother extends its campaign further by encouraging the brand’s followers to nominate a father, be it their own or someone they know, and tell Brother why the person they nominated is the best (modern-day) father out there.

Brother will then be giving away a Brother JA1450NT sewing machine worth RM759 to three (3) lucky winners who share with us their Most Touching #ToughLove Dad to promote modern-day fatherhood and help equip fathers with the best tools possible, in providing nurture and care to their children, and striving to do the best for them. Phase two of the ‘Tough Love’ campaign will continue to focus on dads with additional programmes and collaborations and a goal to kick-off a ‘Dads Who Sew’ movement throughout Malaysia.

The Brother’s range of sewing machines (worth RM759 – RM3,999) are equipped with cutting-edge technology and features, promising to be easy to learn and use. From sewing kids’ clothes, to repairing household items and mending toys; with Brother’s vast sewing tutorials on YouTube, fathers can now reach for a sewing machine and start threading the needles in a domestic pursuit to further break gender stereotypes.

To view Brother’s ‘Tough Love’ video or for more information about the campaign, log onto

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