It’s undeniable that we Malaysians absolutely love long weekends. A new year rolls around and we whip out the calendars to mark down and plan out every long weekend there is. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if every weekend was a long weekend?

Well, that’s now a reality for the team at local digital and branding agency 4 THIRTEEN. In an effort to achieve better work life balance, the Agency has given its employees every Friday off – that’s 52 Fridays off!

Danny Gnaniah,
Co-Founder and CEO, 

“The decision to move to a four-day work week was not easy but we knew it was the right call. While it took a bit of getting used too, we now reap the rewards and can definitively say the four-day work week, works! I’ve seen first hand the positive impact it has had on the team – significantly increasing morale, momentum and overall efficiency,” said Danny Gnaniah, Co-Founder and CEO, 4 THIRTEEN.  

“When we made this decision, we knew we wanted to take a bold stance against the crunch culture that has unfortunately become so embedded within our industry and many others as well. It may seem like a daunting task but I urge others within the industry and in-fact across the corporate landscape to join us on the journey to improve work life balance and to place greater emphasis on employee wellbeing,” he added.

The decision to have every Friday off, was part of a lengthy effort within the company to live up to its core values in terms of people and culture. The team hurdled internal trepidation and concerns over client acceptance to push through the landmark decision. 

The policy has already proven to be a rousing success with staff reporting overall higher spirits and displaying a more eager attitude towards work – thanks to an additional day to rest and reflect on the preceding week.

Jan Lee
Lead Strategist, 4 THIRTEEN

4 THIRTEEN has also utilized this opportunity to invest in talent development and team building. Where for half a day every first Friday of every month professional development teams and counsellors would aid the team in creating and running programmes for us.

Sharing on the additional day off every week, Jan Lee, Lead Strategist at 4 THIRTEEN said,

“In the fast-paced world we live in today – especially in a branding agency, its truly a godsend that we can get just a little more time for ourselves. 52 Fridays off means we get 52 more days to spend with our family and friends or to rest and relax. That is invaluable time. It helps us recharge and take the next week on with a renewed spirit and momentum. A lot of my friends in other agencies or industries are always jealous when they find out about our Friday’s off.”

Established in 2008, 4 Thirteen now boasts a team of over 30 staff and serve a vast array of clients from a variety of industries including telecommunications, insurance, banking and fast-moving consumer goods. Some of the agency’s core clients include Yoodo, Allianz, OSK Property, CIMB, Hada Labo, Scismic and Panasonic.

For more info on 4 Thirteen please visit: www.4thirteen.com.my


4 Thirteen Group is a digital and branding agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Established in 2008, 4 Thirteen services a wide variety of clients from different industries, from telecommunications, insurance, banking and FMCG.

They believe in a people first approach, priding themselves in truly understanding the needs of a client from a business perspective and delivering compelling and engaging campaigns to their audience.

This award-winning agency hopes to take its services beyond the shores of Malaysia and into the international market in the near future.

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