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A happy healthy life begins with good things. And taking the right intake of food everyday is part of that. What we consume everyday is who we are as a whole person mind, soul and body. With different types of milk in the market currently, each having its own special function for its own purpose, its only natural for any family to choose what is most best and suitable for their family.
Born with Dyslexic, Autism and ADHD, Muhammad Tajul Ariffin was always confined to control diet food intake in order to make sure he is not over hyper or over excited over certain situation. On numerous occasion, it has been said that special need children with Autism especially, gluten free milk is to be avoided. And Muhammad Tajul Ariffin has always been allergic to certain milk brand that he tends to have a series of vomitting episode if consume.
But being a single parent, his mother decided that, he needs to try at least a few to see which he is able to take as she believes strongly that milk helps with the brain and body development on long term. A consumer of Anlene product herself, she believes in giving the brand a try for her son. Muhammad Tajul Ariffin started off with calciyum and managed to improve in his diet intake with no vomitting episodes. Then the milk process trial came in, with FERNLEAF UHT MILK. For the past couple of months, when its possible, Muhammad Tajul Ariffin will have his weekly intake of the brand milk which has resulted in him being more active in sports and studies. He has not acted up hyper in each of his milk intake which is a positive signal, according to his mother.

FERNLEAF UHT MILK is made 100% milk from grass-fed New Zealand cows, with quality milk coming from trusted sources.  Each pack, rich with Vitamins (Vitamin A, B2, C and D), high with calcium, protein and magnesium.
·         VITAMIN A
Helps prevent nutritional deficiencies in any diet.
·         VITAMIN B2
Growth, nerve functions, digestion, works with protein for maintenance, energy metabolism. Prevents aging, cheilosis.
·         VITAMIN C
Helps with immune system, absorbs iron, promotes healing of wounds, healthier blood vessels, acts as antioxidant, protects cholesterol,
·         VITAMIN D
Vitamin D has many function in preventions besides prevention for certain cancer, it helps with body weight especially for children, growth, blood pressure, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, bone health and reduces risk of osteoporosis, type 1 diabetes and many more.

With 2000 hours of sunlight every year, plenty of rainfall, moderate temperature, perfect soil makes a perfect recipe for a perfect high quality fresh grass to grow on. New Zealand cows graze these fresh grass everyday freely and with dairy expects (farmers), making sure that the cows are healthy and happy producing good healthy natural milk. The secret to FERNLEAF milk product that are packed with natrual goodness. With the highes standards in food safety and quality for 100 trusted goodness, its no wonder the taste of fernleaf is 100% mmmmm.

Over the past 30 years, Fernleaf has been bringing the goodness of the finest dairy from New Zealand farms all the way to Malaysia, providing nutrients to families so that they are able to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. With over a century of experience in the industry, Fernleaf believes that quality comes directly from the source. Only fresh milk from grass-fed cows, combined with advanced farming systems and utmost care in every single step of production, can promise you one of the highest standards of goodness in dairy nutrition.


Fonterra is a global leader in dairy nutrition – the preferred supplier of dairy ingredients to many of the world’s leading food companies. It is also a market leader with its own consumer dairy brands in New Zealand and Australia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Fonterra is a farmer-owned co-operative and the largest processor of milk in the world. It is one of the world’s largest investors in dairy research and innovation drawing on generations of dairy expertise to produce more than two million tonnes of dairy ingredients, value added dairy ingredients, specialty ingredients and consumer products for 140 markets. Fonterra Brands Malaysia began its operations in 1975 in Shah Alam. Today it has two manufacturing plants, Susumas and Dairymas and a total of 700 full time workers dedicated to bring the best in dairy nutrition to Malaysians. All dairy products by Fonterra Brands Malaysia are certified Halal by the New Zealand Islamic Development Trust (NZIDT), which is recognized by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) as in accordance with MS1500:2009, the international standard used by JAKIM. Fonterra Brands Malaysia also adheres to international and local industry standards including HACCP, Veterinary Health Mark, ISO 9001:2000 and GMP. Fonterra in Malaysia is known for its leading brands Anlene, Anmum (Materna, Essential and Lacta), Fernleaf, Calciyum, Chesdale and under its foodservices division, Anchor Food Professionals, it is known for Anchor, Mainland and Perfect Italiano. 

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