Born in Negeri Sembilan, age 31 years old, works in Sepang, Eddy Dzulhairy Khairuddin is just a simple low profile person going in and out daily life like any one of us. 

But about 3 months ago, these very shy and simple personality become the talk of the town or you could say Malaysia when his brother actually viral him out to everyone that he knows he is single and looking for a wife. 

Up close and personal, he said that he would prefer to disclose the identity of the person,  if he has found the one that has captured his heart as personally he is a very private person. What he is focusing on doing now will be developing himself. 

Growing up in Negeri Sembilan, Eddy as known to his family and friends, has started entrepreneuring on his own, within his own family. Selling tit bits, and also what we use to call 'tikam tikam' but all in his own household. He said his weakness is that since it's always his siblings that are his clientele, he doesn't actually make any profit at all plus he will end up giving it away free coz they are his siblings. 
To make an extra buck or two, he would do every odd jobs available and he is not ashamed about it. He has done many odd jobs back hometown in Bahau before moving to Kuala Lumpur. 

An avid fan of speed and fitness, he spends most of his time riding his no 1 love, his Kawasaki bike and the gym. He believes in keeping fit as the way of everything positive. Currently a Personal Trainer for men focusing on Abs, he helps them manage their food intake and daily abs exercises. He is currently in the midst of starting up his own business which will be more towards fitness and health. 

With interest in extreme activities and travelling, this personality wish to also have a try into the world of being a influencer as his side persona. Bridging the gap of being able to communicate openly. 

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