Never underestimate the tremendous power a mother wields, not just in shaping the person their children will be, but also how and what they eat.

In a study conducted by the Michigan State University's College of Nursing in the US, toddlers, it was found, are less likely to eat fruits and vegetables if their mother didn’t eat enough herself, or if the mother perceives the child to be a ‘picky eater’. And when mothers think of their children as picky eaters, they are likely more lax in encouraging the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

In other words, a mother’s own eating habits, besides parenting style, has a huge impact on whether her child eats healthily or not. Sadly, in this era of fast food and busy working mothers, choosing, cooking and eating enough fruits and vegetables may not be easy for some.
But fret not: one great way to incorporate more healthy fruits and vegetables into you and your children’s daily life is to drink fruit juice. So load up on some quality vegetables and fruits when shopping, and juice some at home everyday.

HOWEVER, if that’s still a chore and takes away your already limited quality time with your family, get the juice fresh, easy and in various delicious combinations on the go from the juice experts at Juice Works! Yes, there are always options, and the power to choose for the better lies in every mommy’s hands! 

And especially for the month of August, Juice Works is offering those born on Aug 31 an exclusive ‘Buy 1 Free 1’* promotion, in conjunction with the Merdeka Day celebrations!

So mommies, don’t feel guilty and get all stressed out if you can’t stretch the hours to cook or juice up some goodness for your children. With Juice Works, you can still drink your way to a healthier and lovelier you -- and you can do it together with your loved ones too!

Let's not forget that teaching the little ones to make better choices should start early – even as early as in the womb. After all, researchers from the CNRS research institute in France has already provided evidence in 2012 from a decade-long research which indicates that taste preferences are set early in life. Yes, we’re talking about pregnancy-stage early!
Babies can sense strong flavours by inhaling amniotic fluid from in the womb, scientists believe. And that what the mother takes in a certain dose goes also to the foetus during a period when the brain is being formed, and “probably with long term consequences.”
So for your sake and your babies, choose for the better today!

*The promotion only applies to purchases from the Tropical & Fruity Blend and Power Meal categories. Purchasers must produce IC to verify birthdate**
**The free drink must only be of equal value or lesser than the purchased one

Juice Works Malaysia is the pioneering fresh fruit juice company in the country where they are trusted by thousands of loyal customers to craft the finest concoctions using natural ingredients.

Founded by Jason Choy and Ling Mooi Li, the duo opened their first kiosk at The Curve shopping mall in December 2004. The single kiosk soon won acclaim for its menu of remarkably delicious yet healthy juices and power packed smoothies.

From that one kiosk, Juice Works Malaysia has evolved as the country’s premium fresh fruit juice and smoothie company specialising in a fabulous menu of over 30 handcrafted choices. The brand is renowned for creating healthy drinks that are freshly made to order, and which are so delicious that a return visit is guaranteed. From busy business executives to parents and health conscious consumers, Juice Works Malaysia has that perfect drink freshly made for every individual need.

Juice Works Malaysia is today found in 29 locations around the country with many more in the pipeline. To meet the increasing demand for wholesome lifestyles, Juice Works Malaysia offers franchise opportunities as part of its expansion plans, as well as mobile kiosks to serve up deliciously healthy drinks to go.
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