In this day and age, there are too many things to do and spend time on. Teenagers nowadays spend a lot of time on their smart phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, and TV screens. There’s just too much distraction that there’s almost no room for going outside and being physically active.

But that’s not the case for the seventeen-year-old Spartan Race trifecta medal holder, Tania Sasha John. She grew up in Shah Alam, in the state capital of Selangor, Malaysia. At a young age, she has finished all three Spartan Race categories. She has always been into physical activities, but just like any other teenager, she outgrows them, eventually loses interest, and moves on to the next one. This was her routine until she discovered the Spartan Race. “Spartan is very unique in how you don’t have to be just strong but you also have to have the stamina and endurance.” Tania shared. “It’s a completely different challenge.”

She got into Spartan when her friends, Akif and Tunku,were once talking about the race. Eventually they all signed up for the Spartan Sprint, a three-mile course with over 20 obstacles. Before the race, she had a hard time finding the time to train and balance school life, but she was able to make it and found the race very enjoyable.

Her friends again decided to try the Spartan Super, an 8-mile course with 25 obstacles but Tania was not too keen on joining the next race. She was discouraged being the only girl from her circle who did the previous race, good thing the mom, and sister of her friend Tunku, decided to join. “I was very happy that I had other girls to do it with me.” She said.

Tania had the same dilemma when it was time for the Spartan Beast, an over 13-mile race with 30 obstacles. No other girl from her friends would like to do the race. She also shared that the Beast category was a really hard one for her as she had to deal with a sad tragedy. “It’s such a big race where you have to be mentally ready,” she narrated.“I wasn’t in the right mind frame because I found out the day before the race that I would need to put my dog to sleep.” A big heartbreak for a teenager to deal with, but her friends encouraged and believed in her, which was great push for her to accomplish something bigger. She managed to do and finish the final category. All the hard work paid-off as finishing all three races made Tania feel very happy and accomplished.

She would like to encourage other young girls who would like to try the race to just do it. “At the end of the day, it’s okay to be the only girl among the boys doing this kind of things.” She shared that while it may be sad, it’s a good reason to do it. “that’s why we have to do it so that we can show girls can do these kinds of activities too, breaking the gender norms.

Tania is now in college and would like to join a Spartan Race again if the timing would be right for her. For now, she stays active through swimming and horseback riding.

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