Charging cable is a need nowadays as long as there’s mobile phone. However, sometimes we are all frustrated with the low quality of charging cables. There are lots of issues, such as device not compatible with accessories, very fragile cable lines, unable to charge and so on. That’s why, admit it, we all need even better quality of charging cables than the original ones. We from #borakkita are very sure there are lots of other accessories that protect the cable lines so it won’t tear off easily, despite all rough daily usages. Some may be alright with all that extra concerns, but we the admins' are tired of it. Especially when we have to buy several cables at once because all of us knows it will not stay for long. #borakkita had a chance to try this one. 

Our gadget experience admin said after testing several times, #borakkita has concluded that 
  • It's a strong cable
  • It's durable
  • It's fast charging
  • It has several lengths to suit needs

Ultra Cable charging port is made of multi-layered compression resistant design, meaning you no longer have to worry about broken charging port. Ultra Cable gives 2 years of 1-1 manufacturing warranty. And we believe that  no one is yet to offer that in Apple, Samsung or other mobile’s brand official stores.

This charging cable is capable of giving 2.4A current output, giving that high current charger of 2.4A and above is used together. Note that normal data cable’s output current is only 1A. 

There’s more? 
Ultra Cable offers several lengths to suit different needs. Sometimes, plug is just too far away from where we wish to sit and use our phone. Normal data cables won’t work. Most longer cables out in the market solve the purpose, but the length dramatically reduce the charging speed and that is what we hate most. 
Wondering what Ultra Cable can do about this? 
You can choose from 1.5m and also 3m length of Ultra Cable. Safe the worries, longer the Ultra Cable, the charging time stays the same! You can feel the slight increase in thickness of longer Ultra cable, that’s to reduce the resistance, that’s generally why Ultra Cable is able to give the same amount of charging time despite the length!
You can also choose from four colours, gold, pink, grey and black to suit personal lifestyles! Do you have your own favourite colours? No more dull colours!! 

How guaranteed is this Ultra Cable? 
This cable is Apple MFi certified. Yes, that’s like gold for Apple users! That surely solves all worries about charging Apple devices with cables not products of Apple, like what I was facing all these years! The price for X.One® Ultra Cable is quite worthy too as it has the quality and 2 year’s warranty term.

-          X.ONE® Ultra Cable’s price
o   Apple Lightning 1.5m:          RM 99.00
o   Apple Lightning 3.0m:          RM 129.00
o   Micro USB 1.5m:                  RM 69.00
o   Micro USB 3.0m:                  RM 89.00

Interested? Get your X.ONE® Ultra Cable now at https://www.facebook.com/xoneasia/shop?rid=221014634753784&rt=9
Or through their official website at  http://www.x-one.asia/shop/

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